The 2005 White Sox “Don’t Stop Believing” for one more weekend in Chicago

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The 2005 White Sox participate in a reunion ceremony on July 18th at US Cellular Field.

CHICAGO – The moment was so perfect it would seem ideal for live television.

Luckily, that’s exactly where it happened.

While conducting an interview with WGN-TV’s Dan Roan on Friday, Joe Crede reminisced about the events that transpired a decade earlier while looking forward at the next couple of days. If anything, it was an opportunity for the former White Sox third baseman to do some much-needed catching up with some teammates which whom he’d lost touch.

“Hearing how everybody’s doing,” said Crede of the most exciting part of the team’s 10-year reunion for the 2005 World Series Championship team. “I think the only player that I’ve kept up with is probably A.J. (Pierzynski) and (Aaron) Rowand.

“It’s great catching up with everybody.”

This statement would seem rather odd to some considering the make up of that White Sox’ team. An ecclectic mix of personalities led by an outspoken manager in Ozzie Guillen, the close-knit team tore through the playoffs with an 11-1 record en route to the franchise’s first championship in 88 years. Their interactions during the regular season, playoffs and sweep of the Astros in the World Series remains as much of a portrait of the team as the historic moments that brought home the championship.

Then came a moment that brought it all together. With a handfull of sunflower seeds, Rowand tossed it onto Crede as he was being interviewed by Roan in a playful moment that seemed to turn back the clock.

"Like I just said," said Crede to Roan with a laugh. "We never missed a beat."

That seemed to continue over the next few days filled with celebrations, a symposium and even a golf tournament to wrap everything up. It was a salute to a team that was nearly a century in the making for White Sox fans and the accomplishment didn't lose its luster over a decade.

"You really don't know what to expect coming out here but it was awesome," said 2005 World Series MVP Jermaine Dye, who went to just about every event during the reunion weekend. "The White Sox did a great job of hosting us. It was good to see the guys, good to see the fans, just the energy in the ballpark, it was just a great weekend."

Dye was there when the team was honored with a pre-game on field ceremony before the current White Sox faced the Royals on Saturday. He was then at a symposium for the team at the Chicago Theatre in which a number of players spoke about their experiences during the historic season.

On Monday Dye was back with a number of the 2005 alumni at the Field of Greens charity golf outing at Harborside International Golf Course. While enjoying the moments in front of him it was hard for the veteran player not to look back at what that team accomplished-and just how long it's been since they made them happen.

"Time flies," said Dye, who last played for the White Sox in 2009 before officially retiring in 2011. "You sit there and you're at home and you watch your kids get bigger and bigger and you don't really think about it and you turn around and we've got our first reunion. It's good that a lot of the guys came out. We've still got a few guys trying to go out there and play.

"But what a fun weekend. It was great to get back and see Chicago, see some familiar faces."

Leave it to the leader of that group to have the best way to sum up Dye's last statement.

"It surprises me, believe me, that nobody's dead," said Guillen with a humorous yet somewhat serious look on his face. "I look around, I look at the roster to see whose alive and whose not and we're all still alive."

Maybe they're still "Believin'" too like they did in 2005. If a little exchange on live TV between the White Sox third baseman and center fielder on Friday is any indication, they're still having fun.


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