Taylor Swift honors Emily Beazley at Chicago concert

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO -- Taylor Swift's two sold out shows at Soldier Field over the weekend paid special tribute to Mount Greenwood's Emily Beazley. Swift rocked out while wearing Beazley's favorite colors -- purple and green.

The audience also lit up for Beazley. Fans received LED wristbands at the 1989 World Tour concert that sync colors with Swift's performance. Sunday night, the crowd at Soldier Field turned purple and green.

Beazley, who was a huge Swift fan, passed away at the age of 12 in May after a four-year battle with cancer. Back in April, Beazley even received a phone call from Swift.

"Emily has a smile from ear to ear," Nadia Lopez Beezley, Emily's mom, posted to Facebook after the 10 minute call.

While Swift didn't publicly acknowledge the tribute, Beazley’s supporters shared images from the show on social media over the weekend, thanking her for "lighting it up" for Emily.

Swift played two sold out shows in Chicago. On Saturday, she invited Andy Grammer and Empire actress Serayah on stage to perform with her. Sunday, she was joined by Sam Hunt.

Here are some posts on social media from fans who attended Chicago's concerts:

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  • Seems sketchy

    “While Swift didn’t publicly acknowledge the tribute, Beazley’s supporters shared images from the show on social media over the weekend, thanking her for “lighting it up” for Emily.”

    This paragraph directly contradicts your clickbait headline and was added after you originally posted this story this morning. This is shady reporting at best. While I certainly hope this is true, there’s absolutely ZERO evidence that Swift knowingly acknowledged the young girl as you blare in your headline.

    Does anyone really think that Taylor Swift wouldn’t have acknowledged Emily in some way if this were true. SMH

  • Enough

    I don’t think the girl needs a large fan base so I am sure she made mention of Emily. although most don’t like her and question her talent, I have yet to see her be cruel to anyone…….she SEEMS to be an alright person.

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