Chicagoans try to stay cool through brutal heat, humidity

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO -- It’s moderately cooler along the lake, but whether it’s this way or another, not seeking relief can be downright dangerous.

Whether it's kicking around the ball or just chilling under an umbrella, Chicago's beaches are like metal to a magnet today. They hold an irresistible pull for people like Randy Brown and his fellow faithful of Lawndale Community Church.

"It's very hot," said Brown, a leader of the church’s summer youth program. “We got plenty of hydration so they are getting refreshed.”

But for some the beach just doesn't cut it.

In the Austin neighborhood, Herman Hamlet says he and his friends come to a city run cooling center because they are on fixed income, so this offers relief without running up the electric bill at home.

“That's why I'm up here I don't have to run that, so this helps a lot,” said Hamlet.

Throughout the city it's high season for festivals too. At Pitchfork in Union Park, Marcia Spaniel is setting up to sell her handcrafted jewelry.

“Well I’m probably going to melt but I came prepared,” she said. “I’m just ready for it. We’re going to stay cool in the tennis courts under the big tent.”

Chicago Fire Department says there have been no heat related emergency-transports so far today, but of course tomorrow and Sunday that could change.

So plenty of water and a hat or a visor is never a bad idea to beat the heat.

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