Mayor Emanuel aims to end free garbage pickup

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO – Eighteen-hundred Chicago apartment buildings still get their garbage picked up for free. But now Mayor Rahm Emanuel supports a plan to end the free ride.

Under the plan any building with more than four units would have to hire a private scavenger service.

Many of those buildings were allowed to keep their city garbage pickup in 2000, when the city council mandated collection for residential buildings with four units or less.

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  • joe

    I’m sure these 1800 apartment buildings pay taxes to the city of Chicago and Cook county. This is just another tax/fee. I don’t know how anyone can afford living in Chicago.

  • Charlie

    This is just sad there are fee’s and taxes for everything in Chicago. Instead of taxing more why don’t you look at the complete budget and cut out the excess spending it’s a joke.

  • Lynn

    It’s NOT free if they pay a water bill because garbage pick-up is included on that bill, and what about property taxes? The Mayor keeps taking more & more of our money not to mention The Governor taking more & more of our services. Illinois let alone Chicago (Crook County) is definitely NOT the place to live. Moving ASAP!!

  • Mary Ellen

    This article is very poorly written. It really doesn’t explain what has changed. It says mayor’s plan will be buildings with MORE THAN FOUR units will hire a private scavenger service. It also says current plan (since 2000) is buildings with FOUR OR LESS get free pickup. THAT’S THE SAME PLAN!!!!

  • RED

    Looks like that since he has been re-elected, Rahm has taken off that “Mr. Rodgers sweater” that he made himself look like a nice guy in his tv commercials and is back to his old self!

  • Juan

    There is no such thing as free. We are paying for it through taxes. Free would mean no taxes on anything. The county has increased sales taxes. Property taxes are going up due to assessments. Water bills are already increased by over 100% and now we are adding an additional fee increase. City stickers are up. Everything is up. Mr. Emanuel is a mayor for the “haves” not the “have nots”.

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