Forrest Claypool to be named CEO of Chicago Public Schools

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Chief of Staff is set to be the new CEO of Chicago Public Schools.

WATCH LIVE: Mayor Rahm Emanuel expected to introduce Forrest Claypool as CPS CEO

Forrest Claypool will take the position left open by Barbara Byrd-Bennet. She resigned June 1 amid a federal investigation of a no-bid contract awarded to her former employer.

Claypool has previously headed the Chicago Transit Authority, and the Chicago Park District.

He has a history of being called in to clean up problems.

He was Chief of Staff twice under Mayor Daley.

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  • Scott

    If Forrest Claypool is so capable of putting out fires in various departments around the city, why doesn’t he run for mayor? This city needs help!

  • betty

    Two years ago they gave 20 million to a company to ” train ” principals. Why didnt they use the money to PAY the teachers? Because they want to get RID of teachers so they can use the school system to TRAIN your children to worship the Globalist NWO.

  • Christian

    The “clean up man” coming in to clean up something he knows NOTHING about. Rahm’s a genius, he just pulled a “Ron Huberman”. Mr. Claypool, it’s not too late to “Run Forrest Run!”

  • David

    Forrest Claypool is a really smart and good guy – he and Frank Clark bring needed talent and experience to the city’s most important problem.

  • Clementine

    Looks like “the Rahmfather” pulled a Daley by putting someone who knows nothing of education in charge of CPS. Forrest Claypool does indeed have a history of saving money, but it’s mostly by outsourcing and cutting jobs, which in the context of CPS probably means closing schools. I wonder if he’s going to take some of his staff from the CTA with him. That would certainly help to balance the CTA’s budget!

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