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Cook County board approves sales tax increase

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO -- The Cook County board has approved the sales tax increase.

The 1% increase lifts Chicago’s total sales tax to 10.25% and is now the highest in the nation.

Board president Toni Preckwinkle's proposed the increase.

Preckwinkle says it would raise almost half a billion dollars a year in new revenue.

Critics say a sales tax increase would drive shoppers to the collar counties, and cost Cook County businesses a lot of money.


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      • Barry Aldridge

        President Preckwinkle has reduced County spending by $300 million a year, or over $1.2 billion in her first four years in office. I think she is the best person to hold this office.

  • joe

    Drive more people and businesses out of Chicago and Cook county. Chicago will be the next Detroit within a decade. Instead of cutting waste, raise taxes. The democratic way.

    • Barry Aldridge

      President Preckwinkle has reformed County government and finances, which are transparent for the first time in history. Her reforms have reduced County spending by $300 million per year. The Democratic Way.

  • JD

    They have an issue with the pensions because they are bad politicians so they raise property tax and sales tax.. so the business will leave.. then Bruce Rauner comes saying he needs to cut stuff and people hate him… we have what we deserve.. this is going to be the next Detroit, Puerto Rico and Greece.. all together…

  • Jim

    The politicians completely ruined this state and keep passing the burden on to all of the tax payers. If you drive away the tax base it is only a matter of time before everything collapses and Chicago becomes the next Detroit.

  • Rob

    I agree with all the statements below. Until we start voting out the people who are truly ripping off the pension systems by double and triple dipping raising taxes will only make more people richer while us the little people struggle to survive.

  • V

    Watch me not buy a thing ever in Cook County. So much for her raising extra money. And I will recommend that any visitors to Chicago buy in the closest collar counties.

  • arubatom

    And watch the additional 1/2 billion in projected revenues for the county end up in politicians’ pockets anyway….In general, what wasteful city, county, and state governments.

  • JR

    Taxes are amogst the highest at any level of government in Illinois. It’s the price you pay for corruption and refusal to vote the totality out of office. In some cities and towns you even get the pleasure of arrogance when you deal with those in city hall.

  • Timothy S. Watson

    This is not Toni’s fault and in fact she was on Chicago Tonight to explain what happened. This problem could have been averted if the state senate and house of reps had voted for the pension reform plan that Cook County developed on its own to resolve its own pension problem. The plan DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY MONEY from the state of Illinois. But it requires a vote due to our ridiculous constitution that prevents any government agencies in Illinois from reducing pension benefits. The state senate and house of reps WILL NOT VOTE for Cook County’s pension reform plan even though it DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY STATE MONEY. So our state lawmakers are in the way of the reform that would have prevented this sales tax increase. So we all need to quit complaining to Cook County about this and start contacting our state senators and reps to vote on their pension reform plan so the sales tax can be rolled back like the last one was!

    • Ant-Man

      Agree. The state is more messed up than Cook County. Pension reform needs to be a top priority for all areas of the government.

  • Bill

    I would say it may be time for cook county peeps to get Sam’s or Costco membership and travel a little farther out and stock up. These guys passing an increase an afford it. Ironically withe tax payers own money. Lol

  • Matt

    It burns me that there is no list of which commie-ishioner voted for the tax. We know, without much thinking, all the Dumbrocraps did, minus 1 or 2 and the Republicans all voted NO. I’d like names, so I can start making calls.

  • Welcome To Chicago

    Attention city residents
    Privatize garbage service (your going to pay more)
    Raise the crook county tax to the highest in all of America (Outrageous)
    Next up Raise property taxes.
    Soon very soon pay toilets in all public restrooms
    Pay water fountains in city parks if you are thirsty
    A camera on a every street to ticket you for going to slow, to fast, no turn on red, speeding, tossing trash on the street.

    Keep voting these non qualified people to run the city.

    Good luck I am moving to DuPage County
    It may be a little further drive to work and taxes are high but no where near what Chicago does to you after they get done with you.

    Welcome to Detroit oh my mistake Chicago
    But what really is the difference between friends

  • Joe

    Chicago!! C’mon! High Taxes, High Crime Rate, Let’s not get into the Corruption and BAD Leadership in the Police Districts! The Chicago Public School system needs attention yet our attention is focused on BS comments from Donald Trump..! Boy are we in trouble….

  • Revolt and rebel

    The only way cook county residents and business can rebel and revolt against these increasing taxes is to move out of state or shop in another county. The working class residents and business in cook county must step up and fight this now or cook county will continue to raise taxes to a point where their is no middle class in the county. I feel as thou cook county continues to attack its middle working class where it is not worth living in that county or the state of Illinois anymore, they keep taxing the middle working class folks to a point where folks are not able to get ahead in life but their just getting by. I honestly think Illinois, cook county and Chicago needs to fail miserably where residents and business move out of state in order to drive a point to state government that what their doing is not right and their not helping tax paying residents but their driving them out.

  • Realist

    I don’t think our votes actually account for anything anymore other than going through the motions….we are just pawns, those in position are selected based on who has the most money and pull…..we the people make no difference to the outcome.

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