Art exhibit inspired by Ferguson opens at Chicago gallery

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CHICAGO --   An art exhibit featuring the controversial police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri is on display in Bronzeville.

The exhibit is in Chicago for one month and is raw, provocative, and timely.

The artist, Ti-Rock Moore, a white woman from New Orleans, says the images represent white privilege in America and how it negatively affects the black community now and has for generations. She shows a black Statue of Liberty, a noose dangling from a neon sign and a life size portrayal of Michael Brown as he laid in the streets of Ferguson for hours after he was shot by a white officer almost one year ago.

Moore says she believes art can be healing. She would like to see the healing begin. Keeping Michael Brown's memory alive, Moore claims, is part of that process.

The owner of Gallery Guichard, Andre Guichard, calls the exhibit "courageous" and hopes it sparks dialogue and breaks down barriers. He hopes "it creates something positive," he says, "from incredibly negative images."

Brown's mother is expected in Chicago to see the showing herself.

The exhibit is free and runs through August 10th.

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  • Joe

    The video screen in the background should be looping the footage of him robbing the store before he attacked and tried to disarm a police officer. The truth heals quicker than lies and propaganda.

    • Judith K Littles

      ItIt’s a sad irony that you speak of “truth” since it’s been proven that he did not commit that crime. However, with bigots like yourself your truth and hatred outweigh anything else. It is also not surprising that once again we see hatemongers justifying the killing of a person of color for a supposed property crime.

      • chicagojohn

        Since the DOJ has evidence proving that he committed the crime (including the testimony of his friend, Dorian Johnson, who said that he saw Michael Brown rob the store), I’m curious where you’re getting your truth from?

        Addicting Info? Which has since retracted their story?

      • chicagojohn

        “Actually, Addicting Info has not retracted that story, nor should they until Brown is convicted of a crime.”
        They HAD actually pulled the story down.
        I’m surprised to see it back up. Particularly after Dorian CONFIRMED that Brown had stolen the cigars:

        But that doesn’t matter, John… because Dorian, Brown’s friend, testified that he stole the cigars.
        So that whole thing about “it looks like he left money”?
        No. No, he did not.

        Unless you disbelieve the clerk, the people who called 911 because he stole the cigars, and Dorian, his friend.
        In which case, you’re a complete idiot.

        “Now, we just need to wait for him to have a fair trial…”

        You don’t need a trial to look at the video – connected with the call to the police – and conclude that everyone involved thought that he had stolen cigars.
        Except, of course, you….

      • Mark Perry

        @john Prager, like most lefties, your logic is twisted. By your own logic Hitler never committed a crime. How about Lee Harvey Oswald? Yep, never convicted of any crimes, so didn’t do anything wrong. Right?

  • tim

    what a joke that we have this “display” in our city. keep pandering and see what it gets us.

  • John Henrick

    The gallery owner hopes it will “break down barriers.” He is as barmy as the “artist.” This only leads to more division between the races. It is highly offensive, degrading the white race who had nothing to do with Brown’s death, and promotes the black thug life.

  • Jules2u

    She thinks bringing her own self hatred into this display is going to bring healing of any kind? I would say good job at promoting more hatred into the community and working to keep it alive. People like her wonder why racism is becoming worse instead of being healed. All the actions people are taking in current times is doing nothing except providing excuses for hatred in the nation. Good job on being an instigator for an increase of hatred and racism, and being to blinded by your own world view to even realize you are a major part of the problem.

  • Greg Zotta

    The World is truly upside down when the THUG Michael Brown is memorialized with a plaque at the location of the incident and now an art exhibit. Michael Brown was not a hero or someone people should emulate or look up to, but someone who should be despised. He was a THUG. If Michael Brown would not have committed the strong-arm robbery; and if Michael Brown would not have been walking down the middle of the street; and if Michael Brown had not accosted the officer and tried to get his gun; and if Michael Brown would not have charged back towards the office, Michael Brown may have still been alive today, unless he was killed by a gang-banger. Michael Brown is DEAD because of the actions of Michael Brown and the World is better off without him. Period!

  • Smcdaniel

    look at all of you hateful, racist, savages, commenting here. You are the reason this exhibit exists!

  • Bob Cooney

    What an absolute joke. Andre Guichard …. you are aware that Michael Brown was a thug and that if the police had done anything illegal that Eric Holder would have been more then happy to bring charges against them? You are not helping any dialogue by spreading lies.

  • chicagojohn

    Since the name of the exhibit is “Confronting Truths: Wake Up!”, I wonder if it includes a copy of the DOJ report?
    Because the DOJ report said that forensic evidence proves that Michael Brown was trying to get the gun from the officer when he was shot.
    The DOJ also said that forensic evidence proves that Brown was running towards the officer when he was shot the second time, with his hand near his waistband.
    Furthermore, it says that a number of witnesses admitted to lying, including a couple that said that Brown was shot in the back. (Which makes sense… since the forensic evidence proved he wasn’t.)

    Can I presume that the exhibit, confronting truths, includes this? Along with the fact that Brown strong armed a cigar theft just 10 minutes before, and shoved a clerk?

  • Kevin Baker

    What is controversial ??? Michael Brown repeatedly punched a cop in the face, tried to grab is gun, charged him again an paid the ultimate price. Instead of an art exhibit, make it into a Public Service Announcement.

  • Vladamir Untruksur

    Why is it a “controversial” shooting? After 3 autopsies (2 of which were ordered by the family and DOJ) there was not enough evidence to bring against law enforcement. He was a thug who lived like a thug and died like a thug- face down in the street.

  • Larry

    “She would like to see the healing begin. “,,, I wonder if the shop owner Michael “The Gentle Giant” Moore strongarmed is healed? I wonder if Officer Wilsons life has healed

  • Jeff Jones

    “The exhibit is in Chicago is raw, provocative”…

    That it is. And “stupidity inducing” as well.

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