CPS teachers protest 1400 layoffs, $200M in cuts

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO -- Dozens of Chicago Union teachers protested CPS cuts outside the mayor’s office Thursday.

Chicago Public Schools officials announced specific cuts the district is making, after paying a massive pension bill it couldn't afford.

About 1,400 positions will be eliminated, but few are teachers.

All elementary school sports programs will be cut.

CPS will reduce its maintenance staff, and also alter high school start and end times to save on transportation costs.

The cuts will save the district $200 million.

Mayor Emanuel is proposing a property tax increase for future pension payments, but only if the state and teachers chip in.

At Thursday's protest,  teacher's union members said the city needs to prioritize its spending.   Chicago Teacher's Union Treasurer Kristine Mayle said spending money on the new Chicago Riverwalk and other public works projects should take a back seat to education.


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  • John McCroy

    Do these teachers expect the taxpayer to pay for more money for them??? I don’t get how they can protest something that’s not there?

  • betty

    This is a U.N. SCAM to bankrupt the city so the PEOPLE will move away due to taxes no one on Earth could ever pay. The State and city are both in on it as are the Mayor and Governor playing Agenda 21 UN Hardball.
    The Goal simple ,,,,Total control over the citizens who must move away to comply with the Agenda.
    Everything you see,hear, taste and smell is the “A” word. Watch as they plan your life one step at a time.

  • joe

    Not only do the taxpayers pay the CPS teacher’s gross salary (net pay, taxes, etc.), tax payers also pay 7% of the 9.2% for their pension. This is outrageous! Time for both CPS and CTU to go.

  • CHER

    The teachers are already over paid – 79% of Chicago Public school 8th grade students are not proficient in reading and math – the Catholic school system is able to educate their children and pay their teachers much less. Unfortunately for them, more and more people decide they cannot afford to keep paying Chicago’s outrageous taxes and pay tuition so they move to the suburbs. We keep putting up with teachers not teaching and believing they “care” about the students and “need” more money and we keep giving into their heavy-handed scare tactics and just keep throwing more good money after bad. Time for a complete overhaul of Chicago Public Schools – Top to bottom!

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