Ex-Illinois women’s basketball players sue school, coach

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

URBANA, Ill. — Seven former University of Illinois women's basketball players have sued the university, accusing coach Matt Bollant and a former assistant of violating their civil rights by creating a racially hostile environment.

The players accuse the coaches of holding segregated practices and using more severe discipline for black players, among other things, since Bollant was hired in 2012.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court names the university, athletic director Mike Thomas, Bollant, former assistant Mike Divilbiss and university trustees. The ex-players seek $10 million in damages.

The university hired a law firm in May to investigate allegations brought by the players. They are Amarah Coleman, Taylor Gleason, Jacqui Grant, Sarah Livingston, Nia Oden, Alexis Smith and Taylor Tuck.


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  • Joymar

    I am not a racist and never have been, However, watching the news it seems like anybody yelling “racism” has the name of an attorney in their back pocket. I am sure there is racism in the world, but in cases where it does not exist it is hard to prove its nonexistence. The only way to stop this money grab is for corporations and other institutions to apologize but keep their checkbooks locked up! Money does not correct a wrong unless there is a physical injury where there are medical costs.

  • Kimmie Rene

    Sone of this should be easy to prove or disprove.
    1. Were players segregated for practice based on race?

    2. Were players segregated by hotels or hotel rooms based on race?

    Schools receiving federal funds cannot do these things. It is illegal. And @joymar, civil lawsuits allow money damages for punitive (punishment) reasons not just compensation. Sometimes money is the only way to get the attention of large organizations.

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