Dozens killed in separate terror attacks on 3 continents

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Dozens of people were gunned down at a beach resort in Tunisia, a man was decapitated in France and at least 16 people were killed when a mosque was bombed in Kuwait on Friday.

In the most deadly of the three attacks, at least 28 people were killed when gunmen opened fire at two hotels in the Tunisian resort destination of Sousse on Friday.

Tunisia’s Interior Ministry spokesman has told the state news agency that the toll in an attack on a beach resort has risen to 28.

Mohammed Ali Aroui described the victims as mostly tourists but did not give any nationalities. Local radio has said those killed Friday in the resort of Sousse were mostly German and British.

Sousse is a popular resort for both Tunisians and Europeans.

Tunisia has been battered by attacks by militants, most recently in March when two Tunisians returning from Libya killed 22 people at the national museum.

In a separate incident near the south-eastern city of Lyon, one man was killed following an attack at a gas factory, according to French authorities.

Authorities say the attack began mid-morning when a car crashed into the entrance of the factory and into gas canisters, touching off the explosion.

One person was found beheaded and the head was posted on the gate at the factory entrance. Several other people were wounded.

Officials say banners with Arabic writing were found near the body.  French authorities have made multiple arrests in connection with the attack.

In addition to those two attacks, a Kuwaiti paramedic and a human rights activist say that at least 16 people have been killed and dozens have been wounded in an attack on a Shiite mosque.

The extremist Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the explosion at the Imam Sadiq Mosque in Kuwait City during midday prayers Friday.

Paramedic Abdelrahman al-Yusef says most of the victims were men or boys who were at the mosque when the bombing took place.

He says the medics have treated at least 179 people.

Basel al-Fadli from the Kuwait Watch Organization says he recorded 16 deaths, but that several people are still missing.

Both spoke to an Associated Press reporter at Kuwait City's Amiri Hospital, where most of the wounded and dead were taken after the blast.


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