Glenview house trashed, $17K missing after party

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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GLENVIEW, Ill. -- Home, not-so-sweet home.

A Glenview man out of town returned home to find his house was being used as party central for a bunch of underage teens.

The damage caused was so bad, the owner told WGN his house was destroyed inside.

One neighbor told WGN over a couple of days she saw a lot of kids in and out of the Glenview house. They were on bicycles, coming and going, and playing basketball in the driveway. She had no idea they weren't supposed to be there … until police showed up.

According to the Chicago Tribune, police ended up searching the home looking for a missing teenage boy. Crawling through a basement window, an officer found him and then some.

The Tribune reports two drunk 14-year-olds were there, along with vomit and feces all over the basement walls. Drywall was smashed -- and later, a relative of the traveling owner said $17,000 in cash was missing. The Tribune says no charges have been filed, but it sounds like there could be quite a few kids involved.

The homeowner was in Korea according to the published report, but was at home Wednesday, appearing troubled by the whole thing. He did not wish to speak to WGN about the crime. He only said he doesn't know the kids involved.

The house has since been cleaned up. The basement window is how the alleged delinquents got inside.

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  • Pat

    Why did he not notify the neighbors that he was going to be out of town so they can look after the house? The neighbors did not hear the kids tearing up the house? The neighbors did not notice that only kids were going in and out of the house no adults? They must have known they did not have kids. Why keep so much cash in the house especially when your not going to be there? Sounds like it was bound to happen sooner than later.

  • Realist

    Well I hate to say it but first of all neighbors are not the 1950 kind anymore…..they don’t care about you or anyone else and it was probably their kids who were home alone and got bored with all their I toys……

  • newportson

    Why refer to the kids as “alleged delinquents?” The kids aren’t named, and the house didn’t destroy itself. There were delinquents, once named, those named individuals would be one of the alleged delinquents. Let’s stop being so tender.

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