Acclaimed Fenger High principal Dozier leaving CPS in July

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO -- The acclaimed principal of a Chicago public high school is stepping down.

Elizabeth Dozier led a turnaround at Fenger Academy in Roseland over the past six years.

She was recently featured in the CNN documentary series "Chicagoland."

School officials say Dozier informed them that she plans to leave in July.

She won't say why she is stepping down or where she is going next, but authorities say she won't take another position in the Chicago public school system.

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  • joe

    What a huge loss for CPS. She actually cared about the students. She is actually the type of person who should be the CEO of CPS.

  • John McCroy

    Really too bad for CPS but I’m sure she was just tired of all the corruption. Emanuel won’t do a thing but promote it.

  • Ariel Rogers

    I was previous A/B student at Fenger High School, and she is no super star. She rarely ever made connections with the students, and she cost so many teachers their jobs. One teacher alone left because she threaten her career. She has a nasty attitude, and she has no remorse for anyone. She never even learned my name. The person who deserves praise for the turn around is Dean Gordon. She forbidded him from attended the graduation, but as you can see senior still praised him as the valedictorian stated his name. She was barely at the school. Only time she cared is when they filmed. She’s a camera person, she’s no principle.

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