WGN anchor surrounded by crazed Hawks fans; thinks better about kissing one of them

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • H Nelson

    Anyone who watches Pat on the daily knows he doesn’t play well with others. Those girls must be Channel 7 fans. :)

  • Samantha

    I watched the wgn broadcast of the blackhawks rally and completely loved the stuff he said it made me laugh I really enjoyed watching him.

  • Lin

    Pat is an awesome guy. He loves life and acts like it. He’s funny and charismatic. You have to “get him” to “get him”….. Love his stories, his reports and his whacky ways. No complaints here!!!

  • Laura

    He completely rails on guys and girls. It is funny. And if you don’t want someone to humiliate you on tv, don’t be drunk and stupid.

  • Lynn

    He should be fired!! Drunk or not (and he doesn’t know) his comments were inappropriate. These girls deserve an apology. Wgn should be embarrassed to call him one of their own.

    • Randy

      Move your fragile, easily offended, idiotic self to a country that caters to fragile little snowflakes, or keep your offended comments to yourself and move on, and let the rest of us that know how to wear our big boy/girl pants continue to enjoy life.

  • Jay

    I am fairly certain since WGN was the only outlet covering the rally, we didn’t have options in what “journalists” we allowed into our homes at noon on Thursday to celebrate the Blackhawks. But I would assume that any reporter, on any public channel, would conduct themselves with some decorum and integrity. It was not a Comedy Central roast, nor a ticket to the Improv, where there might be some expectation of “humor” at your expense. A young girl should expect at a hometown parade to not be ridiculed by the newscaster, much less be told on LIVE T.V that you need to be way hotter or that you smell or that you are drunk.
    I am ,admittedly, not familiar with his “style” of reporting but he was covering very enthusiastic Blackhawks revelers, not a somber memorial. These girls were having a good time and excited to be on TV (like everyone since the beginning of time!)
    I think HE was the obnoxious one. Humor and cheap shots are not one in the same. There is a time and a place for everything. Know your audience.