Man claims to have found deep fried rat in KFC meal

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES — When Devorise Dixon went to KFC and ordered a three-piece meal, he had no idea he’d be biting into something that didn’t quite taste like chicken.

Dixon found a peculiarly-shaped piece of food that he claims is a deep-fried rat, posting the pictures on Facebook along with this video.

Along with one of the photos, Dixon wrote, “Went back to KFC yesterday and spoke to the manager she said it is a rat and apologized, it’s time for a lawyer!!! Be safe don’t eat fast food!!!”

KFC responded to the incident on Facebook , saying that they take customer claims very seriously and are investigating the incident.

“KFC takes customer claims very seriously, and we are continuing to investigate this matter. Our chicken tenders often vary in size and shape, and we currently have no evidence to support this claim. We are aggressively trying to reach Mr. Dixon, and we request that he return to the restaurant with the product for testing, or call us at 1-800-Call-KFC.”

The images and story have since gone viral.

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  • Scott

    I worked at KFC for over two years when in high school. This was an urban legend then and it is an urban legend now. This idiot is looking for a payout!

  • Scott

    I worked at KFC for over two years when in high school. This was urban legend then and this is urban legend now. This idiot is looking for a payout. Just like the finger in the Wendy’s chili that was found to be false!

  • Sarah

    Oh please. You know he’s lying and just looking for some media attention and cash payout. People do this to big companies all the time!! And why hasn’t he responded to KFC? Probably because its not a rat but just a piece of chicken that looks like a deep fried rat. Stupidest story ever! No one accidentally serves an entire rat.

  • Donna Phillips Douglas

    He’s a liar. There are pictures showing he bit into what would be the head, Looks like white chicken meat and he didn’t say anything about breaking a tooth on the scull. He just wants to make an easy buck…low life.

  • fartforquest

    it’s probably a plant.. lawyer up for grabs insta-scam.

    this happens all too often. this sounds like b.s. like most of these “discovered in their food” incidents.

    otherwise, if only these suckers understood FDA regulations… they so would starve, our food is dirty.

    and think of it as ‘international cuisine’ chinese deep fry their rats. :P


  • Kristen

    I’ve worked in food service for a few years and sometimes the breaded chicken comes out in weird shapes. I thought once that I found a chicken head, but when I cut it open it was just the way the breading and chicken were shaped. I doubt he tried to take off the breading to see if it was really a rat.

  • jack

    i work at churchs chicken and we sell chicken tenders also and i never seen a tender in that shape. it looks like a shape of a rat, but who knows what that is until you cut it up and open. if it is a rat i feel sorry for kfc

  • AK

    This is not so far fetch. I am one to think and say that people are not telling the truth if something simular had not happened to me. I live in Illinois and was once very fond of KFC, but one night after work I stopped at KFC bought a meal and went home to enjoy it. As I was almost finish with the meal i felt something stringy in my mouth. Thinking it was just part of the chicken, I started to remove it from my mouth only to keep pulling. When i finally got it out, it was a very long piece of brown hair. I was so discussted, I spit the food out my mouth into the box. I felt sick to my stomach, I took a picture, and returned to the KFC and showed them. To my horrow the girl said to me, “would you like us to replace your meal “? Are you really that stupid or just don’t care. I politely said, “No” and told her they needed to wear coverings on their head, and I left. This happened about a little over a year, and I vowed never to eat at KFC again. I now seldomly eat fast food, and certainly have not eaten at any KFC since that night. I
    I also remember many yrs ago, my son, who was about 12 or 13 yrs old went to Joe’s Crab Shack in Aurora IL, and as we went to sit down, what caught our eyes was a mouse running acros the floor. we went and told the staff, and a guy came out and caught it by placing a glass over it, as it tried to run across the table, The horrifying sight was not that it was a mouse, but that the very glasses that customers drink out of, was used to trap the mouse.YUK! I also stopped eating there. This incident about the guy finding a rodent as part of his food is not that far fetch,This is why there are inspections done at restaurants, and if you go by one and it says close for remodeling, think twice, they were probably shut down by the Health Department because of violations, such as, food not being kept at the right temperature, etc, and dead rodents found around food, and prep areas. WARNING, just eat at 4-5 star restaurants. They can’t afford to tarnish their reputation, so they are likely to be up to code……

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