Blackhawks rally tickets sold out; city extends parade route

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CHICAGO -- Tickets to Thursday's Chicago Blackhawks rally at Soldier Field have sold out.

The free tickets were available to fans starting at noon on Wednesday Ticketmaster, and sold out shortly after.

A limited number of tickets were made available to the public rally in celebration of the 2015 Stanley Cup champions.

There was a limit of four tickets per person.

The celebration for the Blackhawks is set to begin 10 a.m. Thursday with a parade through downtown Chicago.

The city has extended its parade route. It released the following information Wednesday:

The official parade route will now begin at Washington and Racine Streets and proceed east along Washington to DesPlaines, south on DesPlaines to Monroe, and east on Monroe to Michigan Avenue, where the parade will conclude.

The team's motorcade is expected to get to Soldier Field around 11 a.m. for the rally. There will also be screens outside Soldier Field, the city announced.

Metra plans to expand train service for people going to the parade and rally.

There will also be a one-day special that gets you an unlimited ride ticket for $5.

Metra is warning their daily commuter that trains could be delayed because of all the extra passengers.

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  • Todd Himm

    Very angry Blackhawks fan here ! Didn’t get a free rally ticket.
    I feel more than ripped off .
    Loved the previous years celebrations !
    Like the Blackhawks, if you worked hard, got up early and wanted it enough…, you had a chance of getting close to the stage for the rally.
    That’s where the action is .
    Kind of kills the good feeling this year…
    “Dynasty parade ” right !

    All The hard work to get down early enough…
    And then to have them Wizz by…
    Might as well just stay home and watch on TV .
    But I really want to be a part of the celebration.
    Just saw somebody selling rally tickets for $1000 on craigslist.

    What a stupid plan for rally like this! Really crushed and disappointed.
    We should TP the mayor’s house! I’m so angry at him, I might move into city limits, just to vote against him.
    I’m going downtown tomorrow to cheer for my Blackhawks!
    Thanks Rahm!!! For darkening my memories of one of the greatest times in Chicago history!

  • Lisa

    Either all Chicago Blackhawk fans get to attend the rally or the all get shut out. I am a Chicago resident and this “World Class” celebration is going to be added to my tax bill, but I do not get to attend while out of city residents do. There had to be other choices. All for one and one for all..that .it is the Chicago Blackhawk way…unlike Rahm’s.

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