Chicago Blackhawks rally tickets now available

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CHICAGO — Save the date, Blackhawks fans.

The 2015 Stanley Cup champions’ parade has been scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday, June 18.

Mayor Emanuel says the celebration will be worthy of a hockey dynasty. It is the team’s third Stanley Cup title in six seasons.

This year, the championship win will be celebrated at a rally inside Soldier Field. While the city will not confirm the reason, soggy grass at Grant Park could damage the city’s outdoor green spaces and play places before summer has barely begun.

Tickets to the rally are available Wednesday at noon through Ticketmaster. There’s only room for 61,000 people inside the stadium.  While tickets are free, they are required.  According to Ticketmaster, the lot will open at 5 a.m. and doors will open at 8 a.m.

Parking will cost $20.

The parade will march along Monroe Street, beginning at Jefferson Street, and end at Michigan Avenue. The rally will be held afterward at Soldier Field, the home of the Chicago Bears. The rally will be a free, but ticketed event.

Metra plans to expand train service for people going to the parade and rally.

There will also be a one-day special that gets you an unlimited ride ticket for $5.

Metra is warning their daily commuter that trains could be delayed because of all the extra passengers.



Watch WGN Meterologist Paul Konrad’s Thursday weather forecast below:


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  • Craig

    60% chance of rain on Thursday, 10% chance of rain on Friday. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is promising a “world class” celebration. I guess rain adds that world class element.

  • Darren

    The parade should be held on friday, 70% chance it’s supposed to rain on thursday and plus friday is during the weekend and its supposed to be clear weather plus thats the only day i got off work this week

  • Marsha

    It really would of made for a better turnout if it was held on Friday instead of Thursday, plus the weather is not going to be that nice on Thursday. I guess they didn’t look at that before scheduling it.

  • Rob

    Really interesting the parade isn’t on Friday. We live in Iowa and wanted to come to the parade, but don’t know if we can make it on Thursday.

  • Lilly

    I agree please make it on a Friday…More people will attend and I want to attend this Dynasty we made. FRIDAY!!!!…FRIDAY!!!… FRIDAY!!!!

  • Patrick

    BOOO to Rahm. He is going to have 2 million Blackhawks fans pissed off at him for making this a ticketed event. This is supposed to be for ALL the fans, not just those who are fortunate enough to tickets. Now, more people are going to miss out on something special like a Victory Rally. Again, I say, BOOOOO to you Rahm. Having it on a day that is scheduled to have a mess of rain isn’t very smart either.

  • Scalpers Will Ruin Rally Event

    Free tickets thru ticketmaster, yeah right, I have a feeling scalpers will get a hold of a bunch of tickets and ticketmaster will figure out a way to make a buck or two. And it is retarded and inconvient for working folks to attend rally if they plan to have it on Thursday. Folks setting up this rally are retarded.

  • Janet

    Are the rules for what type of bags are allowed into a football stadium going to be in effect for this rally? The rules about what you are allowed to bring in are quite strict and are in effect for concerts held in football stadiums. If so, there are going to be a lot of pissed off people

  • Kathleen

    The site was experiencing high traffic so the site was slow. After 5 minutes all the tickets were gone :( Bad choice Chicago. We would have been happy in the mud.

  • George Naxera

    Holding the Blackhawks rally at Soldiers Field was the worst idea ever!
    1) Two million people attended the last rally and the Soldiers Field holds what, 61,000 people?
    2) The Ticketmaster website was completely unresponsive today. Why is a ticket required to attend a rally??
    3) Congratulations City of Chicago. You just prevented 1.9M people from attending the celebration!

    • beth boeck

      my thoughts extactly. Leave it to our mayor to screw this historic event up. Everyone who wants to attend the rally should have that chance. Yet again, mr mayor your true demeanor comes forth.

  • Dan Wollscheid

    Was on Ticketmaster website at 12:00. Requested 4 tickets for my daughter and her friends (not me, don’t really like the crowds anymore) at 12;02. Waited while website looked for tickets. At 12:28 told tickets no longer available. Looked at different sites. Amazing tickets FOR SALE starting at $125.

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