Pregnant woman who disappeared on day of C-section no longer expecting baby

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Credit: WGHP

SALISBURY, N.C. — Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther, the missing pregnant woman from Salisbury who was located in Boone on Monday, is no longer expected to give birth, her family said.

“Unfortunately, we no longer expect a new addition to the family,” Bradshaw-Crowther’s brother told WSOC on Tuesday.

Bradshaw-Crowther, 49, was scheduled to have a C-section last Tuesday, June 2, but mysteriously disappeared. On June 3, she was spotted at a gas station in Statesville.

A search was launched to locate the missing woman that spanned multiple states, according to WSOC.

On Monday, she was located in Boone after she used an ATM card at a CVS store.

The Watauga County hospital she was taken to Monday said she was discharged Tuesday. Her brother told WSOC his sister was admitted to a second hospital but he did not say which one.

Her brother did not comment further on why Bradshaw-Crowther is no longer expected to give birth.

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  • Doug

    It was said if she gave birth the traditional way, she would die due to some medical condition. That’s why the schedualed c-section. So now she’s not pregnant anymore and still alive, so what happened? This is a weird story they keeps getting weirder.

      • Katy Did

        It sounds like she faked the pregnancy & then took off. After she was located, they took her to a hospital to be evaluated to see if she miscarried, gave birth, or was mentally disturbed. The second hospital obviously was a psychiatric hospital.

      • Michele Lee

        No, it actually *sounds* like she may have changed her mind and *possibly* sought out a place that did late-term abortions according to the wording they are using (“Unfortunately, we no longer expect a new addition to the family,” Bradshaw-Crowther’s brother told WSOC on Tuesday.). They say they aren’t telling us unless SHE wants to disclose that info, which would mean she could have found a place that performs them legally (which is why she traveled) and THAT’S probably why she had to stay overnight in the hospital. If she DID do this, that would explain why they can’t disclose that information according to *HIPAA* rules and regulations. It initially was a SCHEDULED c-section…so obviously she *was* pregnant if it was indeed pregnant.

      • Ant-Man

        Is it still a late term termination if the child had reached it’s due date or close. Usually, you don’t schedule a C-section until you are close, at or after term. If it was scheduled for that day then the baby was most likely healthy or there was another situation. I would think that she has mental issues.

  • smokemaryjane

    I agree with you and this is why: Cesarean is no get back up the next day stuff. That is recovery time man. So we may have some new science mystery or Missy there is lying.

  • Doug

    The family isn’t saying anything which make me think there may be a criminal investigation going on and in a few days all the details will come out.

  • Kat

    What happened to the unborn baby? Should be murder if she did away with her fetus. Shame in her and all the money and resources used to find her not to mention the worry of her family. Hope she pays for this.

  • RO CEE

    I don’t think she was pregnant at all! She was 49 high risk if she was, did any of her family go to her doctors visits? They must know who was going to deliver this supposed baby! She lied about the whole thing and that is why she disappeared!

  • Morgan

    I saw on a family support page for Carrie (that has since been taken down, sorry that I didn’t take a screenshot), that she lost the baby a few months ago but her body never “delivered” the baby, so she was scheduled for the cesarean (along with her medical condition). It’s incredibly hard for a woman of that age to have a full term, healthy pregnancy! She just didn’t want her baby to be gone.

  • Angela

    If it’s true her baby died months ago, very sad situation. Can’t imagine carrying “sleeping fetus ” inside of me and knowing it. This could mentally torment anyone. Please continue to pray for Ms. Carrie & family and respect their privacy!

  • valeinteenno

    where the baby did she kill it why is the law not looking in to this? why is are the ones in poer not doing anything about this.

  • valeinteenno

    where the baby did she kill it? why is the law leting her go without looking for this baby? is the law going to do anything?

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