WGN sports anchor organizes ‘march’ in Tampa to boycott restrictions on Blackhawks fans

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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TAMPA, Fla. -- As you may have heard, some new policies have been put in place for the Stanley Cup Final games in Tampa.

The Lightning has restricted ticket sales through Ticketmaster to only people living in Florida. They also say no Chicago Blackhawks gear is allowed in some areas of the arena.

Well, this did not sit well with WGN Sports Anchor Pat Tomasulo.

Tomasulo is currently in Tampa and decided to organize a 'march' with fellow Blackhawks fans.

Watch the hilarious video in the player above

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  • arubatom

    Tampa Bay should be renamed Tampa Babies!! Just like Nashville did when the Hawks played them in their series. It’s a free country to root for whoever you want….are these cities afraid of other teams fans…give me a break!!

      • sam

        Marc. So not true. You have to be stupid to think that way. Especially when this is more fear from Tampa knowing their city has more Hawks fans than Lightning. Same goes for any O6 team really. Its a stupid policy. If I were going to the game, I’d wear Tampa colors, the as soon as I sit, I will be switching to hawks. I’d love to see them kick me out after that. I’d press legal charges to tampa. As long as I’m not loud and obnoxious and let my jersey do the talking, they have no right to touch me.

      • TB resident

        Sam- I don’t think Tampa is afraid of anything including facing the Hawks. Please get a more informed source on the policies in place. Tampa has some of the nicest and most gracious fans/residents I’ve ever encountered at a sporting event, but like many other areas, it is a city filled with northerners fed up with cold weather- so we do often have lots of people from opposing teams at our games – the playoffs (where these same policies have been in place since round 1) have not been an exception. If your this upset over it go to a game in Chicago.

  • Ellen Emler

    Hysterical video. I will go along with the other comment..new name..Tampa babies. I was there for a Bears game years ago and they were picking on a Bears fan. The rest of us Bears fans stepped in. Tampa Babies sung to the tune of Santa Baby. Go Hawks!

  • Steve Stamkos

    “Tampa babies”… Good one bro. You’re as ignorant as the guy who wrote this article. Tampa has allowed ticket sales to anyone, in any state. However they sold out! First false statement. Second is their is no blackhawk apperal allowed in the season ticket sections where chicago fans cant even purchase tickets in the first place… Chicago cry babies more like it.

    • sam

      If I buy on ticket exchange or stub hub, or any third party provider and still wear hawks to Tampa, I’d get kicked out. You’re the idiot for not reading the mayor’s policy and the owner. You’re delusional and blind. Don’t post nonsense without researching.

      • kat

        IDIOT YOU DON’T GET KICKED OUT, YOU GET ASKED TO CHANGE. IT IS SMART TO NOT ALLOW OPPOSING TEAM SWEATERS ON THE ALL YOU CAN DRINK SECTIONS, AS LESS FIGHTS WILL BREAK OUT. Make sure when you come to Florida you spend lots of money so we don’t have to pay state income taxes you cry baby Hawks fan. I’m tired of having battle of wits and intelligent conversation about this with unarmed individuals.

      • TB resident

        Exactly. The 1800 seats that fall under this policy are pretty much season ticket members seats where there is an open bar. So, to avoid fights and general ugliness that drunk sports fans often engage in, we have a policy in place to stop it. Now, if you happen to be a Hawks fan in these sections we aren’t suppressing your right to root for your team. Nobody is getting thrown out of anywhere- unless they act like an idiot and try to make a point about some policy they clearly don’t understand….

  • Clark W. Griswold

    This is not a new policy that started for Chicago, it has been going on throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And the jersey restriction is only at the luxury private areas which is only about 1,700 seats out of the 20,000 seats that are available.

  • Brittany

    The number of seats that are restricted to Lightning gear are just 1500, mainly VIP areas. The remaining 18,000 seats can be filled with BlackHawk fans wearing BlackHawks gear. Get your tickets from StubHub or somewhere else. Im from Tampa and was unable to get tickets from Ticketmaster. Ill be buying mine from StubHub just like anyone else who wants to go. This isn’t really a big deal.

  • Brian Litman

    This is just ridiculous. Let’s talk about the game, the players on the ice and what an exciting series this is going to be. The ticket story is a non issue because they were sold out before they were even available to the general public. If you weren’t a season ticket holder (like I am) the password you got for an opportunity to buy tickets didn’t work because all the tickets were gone.

  • Cooper for President

    So let me get this straight – the Hawks fans are upset because they (A) aren’t allowed to wear their teams jersey in 8% of the arena (there are approx 17,500 seats where you can wear gear for whichever team you choose) and (B) because non-FL residents were not allowed to buy tickets through ticketmaster (and only ticketmaster – you could call the arena to buy them) for a series that was sold out before it was even determined that we were playing Chicago? And you’re calling Tampa fans a bunch of babies? Yeah…ummmm…OK

  • Mrs Mir

    Da Bears players need to show up at games 1 through Hawks Win Stanley Cup and wear Hawks Jerseys since Tampa Bay want to be a bunch of party poopers. Let’s seem ’em refuse admission to a bunch of professional athletes!

  • Elizabeth Winters

    I saw it on TV, that’s a good one, Tamasulo! Gosh, on occasions like this one, I remember why exactly I love Blackhawks and the game they play! For not only being the best team of guys to keep on winning in various venues and circumstances, but for having the best attitude towards the opponents, the best work ethics to share, the best industry example they set.. Open, fair, supportive of the game, dedicated to the fans.. Underestimating the opponents? Not Blackhawks! Being mean to the rivals? Not Blackhawks! Creating unfair environment for opposing fans? Not Blackhawks! You ‘selected’ residents of Florida should come to the Blackhawks parade in Chicago to see the influence and power of our team, and adoration that the Chicago community has for them, quote deservedly so! WE TOEWS, WE KANE, WE CRAWFORD, WE KEITH, WE SHAW! We win by excellence, we stand for fair opportunities and equal treatment of all hockey lovers! I will definitely going to junk all those vacation offers to Florida from now on. You can have it all to yourself, Tampax people!!

    • Proud Bolt Fan

      Ms. Winters – the Lightning fans did not draft nor institute the ticket policy, and do not control its enforcement. Therefore, your blame lays with the wrong individuals. I have been to many, many Lightning game that contained an over abundance of opposing team fans. The great majority of the games were quite enjoyable and no issues between fans occurred. The reason for this new policy is unknown so do not blame the residents of Tampa or the State of Florida. However, I appreciate your insistence to throw away any and all offers to visit our beautiful and fabulous state. The residents of Florida will keep it to ourselves without you. You may suffer in silence in the frozen tundra of Illinois. And, Tampax, really, isn’t that quite childish?

  • Jackson

    Tampa, stop trying to defend something that is indefensible! Not allowing opposing gear in ANY seat (VIP or otherwise) is simply pathetic. And yes, season ticket holders have every right to put them up for resale. IF a Blackhawks’ fan buys those particular seats, he’ll be told to remove it! This has nothing to do with the sale of alcohol as someone mentioned and has everything to do with wanting to control the environment. Bottom line, it’s poor sportsmanship, un-American and a pathetic way for a Stanley Cup runner-up to act!!!

  • Loopholes Baby

    Loopholes… EVERYONE WEAR LIGHT BLUE & WHITE (Chicago Flag colors) and sit where ever you want since it’s not “Blackhawks” gear! Spread the word!

  • Jonathan S

    So, to “boycott” Tampa, these fans are going *to* Tampa, where they’ll have to spend money on food, lodging, etc? And they’re doing it to protest strawman “policies” that have been debunked about a thousand times over? Best case scenario for this article – somebody doesn’t know what the word “boycott” means. I’m not sure if it’s worse if it’s the fans or the news outlet that got it wrong.

    March proudly, Blackhawks fans. Be sure to have a Cuban sandwich in Ybor City and don’t forget to stop at Hattrick’s on the way to the game that discriminatory policies are keeping you out of.

    • Jackson

      Jon, the fans were already there for the game; this is a public demonstration showing how idiotic the decision makers for your franchise are – it’s not difficult to understand.

      • Jonathan S

        I wasn’t questioning the demonstration. I was questioning the choice of the word “boycott”. This “policy” was imposed for approximately 1700 of the roughly 20,000 seats at Amelie Arena. It’s not the first of it’s kind in the sports world, it’s not nearly the most restrictive of it’s kind, and this is not even to mention that the tickets were sold out before this could really become an issue. It’s strawman politics to get fans riled up for the series, which should be a great one on it’s own. Looks like it worked.

  • G. Gaffer

    If nobody watches the games in Tampa Bay, television rating and thus revenue will be down and the Networks will force the NHL to make a rule against these childish antics.

  • TB resident

    Perhaps all you idiots who didn’t believe us can see the pockets of red in the stands. Get a grip. We don’t care if you wear your Hawks stuff to the arena. You are misinformed. Stop whining.

  • GoBolts

    Oh for god’s sake, what petulant whiners… teams have been pursuing this type of policy. Canadian teams have done it, Nashville does it, and the British do it for most of their soccer’s Premiere League. GET OVER IT, KIDDIES! CRY TO YOUR MOMMIES!!

  • Larry Ensen

    How childish. Get a life people. Then grow up. Sports are for kids and immature so called adults. Pure and simple.

  • Clancy Scott

    Mr. Tomasula is the worst “sports person” I have ever seen/heard. Why he is kept is a mystery to me and most of my friends. I am so tired of his interview style. Whenever he “interviews” a personality he never lets them talk and constantly interrupts to promote himself. Today he wouldn’t let hockey great Tony Esposito finish a sentence. Please resign and hit the comedy circuit full time.

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