Dog walker caught on camera kicking dog in West Loop elevator

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO — A dog walker was caught on camera abusing a dog in an elevator in the West Loop.

The door man of a building on Des Plaines and Washington was watching the elevator security camera, when he witnessed a male dog walker get on with two leashed dogs.

In the video, a second person is seen exiting the elevator, leaving the dog walker alone with the dogs.

That’s when the man stepped on the paws of the beagle, and then forcefully kicked the dog in the stomach.

After witnessing the abuse, the door man showed the video to the property manager who says she called police.

The owner of the dog was informed of what happened and the dog walker was fired.

It is unknown if the dog walker has been ticketed by police for animal abuse.

Warning: Images in the video may be disturbing to some

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  • concerned

    This horrible, evil dog walker needs to be arrested. The owners of the other dogs need to be warned about this man. That man has severe mental issues. He should not be allowed near any animals and humans.

  • scary

    Why isn’t this idiot dog walker in jail? I’ll bet you hes done this many times before. I’m sure this was not the first time
    he beat up a defenseless animal. If i saw him doing that to may dog, i would press charges. What is wrong with you

  • Who is the dog walker?

    That dog walkers name need to to published for awareness. Owner should press charges. Other owners should “talk” to him.

  • arubatom

    Since we’ve only owned beagles, I can attest to the fact they are one of the most gentle breeds out there. This POS dog walker needs some kicks to his head…he should get arrested and charged…totally uncalled for actions on his part.

  • sylvia

    this man should not allowed to walk any dogs again, and at least pay a hefty fine for what he’s done to the poor dog in such a cruel way

  • Atte Ozamb

    Absolutely, there should be charges. It won’t be until we start treating animal abuse the same as child abuse, will people ever stop harming helpless creatures. Many killers start on animals…..

  • Robin

    This dog walker is a sick man. There is no reason for this type of behavior. It is cruel and reprehensible. He should never be allowed around dogs again. I hope he gets charged, fined and thrown in jail. I hate to think of what else he has done.

  • animal lover

    I sincerely hope that this dog abuser NEVER gets another job as long as he lives. He is one of those slimeballs who NEEDS to be homeless and rotting under some freeway overpass. In Chicago, that could get pretty cold. Would serve the slimeball right.

  • Debbie Cooley

    Ticketed, how about lettin me kick him in the stomach and step on his toes…dang jerk. Its a felony to abuse animals in all 50 states. That animal abuse so he needs to face felony charges…..bless that lil puppies sweet lil heart….sure hope his lil tummy wasn’t hurt inside critically….God bless the sweet lil puppy..

  • Christine

    So where is the dog owner… do they NOT KNOW who has care of their dog…..?????? Why isn’t this stupid, slob fined or jailed. It was such a small innocent puppy.. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE…If it’s too much for you to handle, just give it up… and people……. LOOK INTO WHO IS TAKING CARE OF YOUR PETS…..
    (I’d never never let anyone take care of my animals except my VET and I have known him for almost 30 years. NO ONE would every walk my dog. I’d put puppy pads down first…. rather than see this happen again…

  • MG

    This was very upsetting. I think we should tie him to a leash and put him in a room so he can’t run so people could stomp and kick him to see how he likes it. I hope he gets charged with cruelty to animals and spends time in prison.

    • Deb

      I think the dog walkers picture should be posted online and on the news so others can be aware of this animal abuser….. I cried when I saw the video on the news these animals are helpless and can’t really defend there selfs. All you see is the man abusing the puppy u really can’t see his face that’s why his pic should be view able online and the news for every one to see and be aware of what he does to innocent animals.

  • karen moe

    This is so discusting. I hope this man never gets a job any were ever again.We should put a leash on him and kick him in the stomach and step all over him !!!

  • Dale Bowman

    What’s good for the dog certainly must be appropriate for the walker. He needs to be publically identified, criminally charged and prosecuted, and I hope the owner sues the business and the walker personally.

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