Shooting victims spotlighted after violent Memorial Day weekend

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CHICAGO -- Following a violent Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, a Cook County Commissioner Tuesday shined a spotlight on victims of gun violence and proposed ways to curb it.

Shootings in the city from Friday afternoon to Tuesday morning wounded 44 people and killed 12 others.

County Commissioner Richard Boykin unveiled a collage of victims of gun violence.  The memorial honored the more than 600 people shot and 140 wounded in Chicago from Jan. 1 through early May.

Boykin introduced a seven-point plan to reduce gun violence.   His ideas include parenting workshops, stricter enforcement of curfew laws, expansion of drug courts and sheriff's policing,  and job training.

He also wants shooters and their accomplices to be charged with domestic terrorism.

Boykin also announced he will hold a county-wide forum next month to come up with other strategies to cut down on violence.



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  • 45645

    Chicago is going to have to establish a police-state in those neighborhoods until it stops or really goes down. Gangbangers are animals who know no shame or guilt for what they do; and so the only language they will understand is the language of force. But when will that happen when Chicago has a useless idiot as mayor? I don’t even know if I can put faith in the residents to stop the violence.

  • Jim Johnson

    I guess the program that McCarthy started isn’t working too well. last year it was reported that his officers were going door to door shaking the gangbanger hands to stop the violence. since Emanuel has become the mayor violence has skyrocketed in Chicago.

  • Chicago Concerned

    These people need jobs, something to look forward to in life. When you have nothing to look forward to there is no value of a life. What are you going to do? Lock up every young male in the south side of Chicago? Have you driven through the south side of Chicago? It’s a financially depressed community. When are we going to stop placing the blame on them? Humanity is a collective thing. It takes a village to raise a child and we simply dismiss this as them being “animals” with solutions to “lock them up.” That solves nothing. Bring middle class jobs back from China. Put these people to work so they can value their life and others. Middle America is enjoying their cheap prices at Walmart when the real price is being paid in the inner city with black men killing each other and rural communities dying from drug use because they have no jobs. Of course the rich do not care. The rich in Chicago can afford to send their children to $25,000 a year elementary schools with bright prospects while we have a generation of despair on the streets.

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