Under-eye procedure may make you look less tired

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CHICAGO -- They can inject a more youthful appearance -- fillers for the face are often used to smooth the skin and boost volume in the cheeks, lips and around the mouth. And if you’re looking tired, a little under the eye may do the trick.

It goes in deep -- the first of three layers of filler that plastic surgeon Dr. Lawrence Iteld injects just under the lower eyelid, an area that, for some, can appear sunken-in and hollow.

“It makes you look tired, and it can also make you look older than you feel. We start deep underneath the muscle layers in order to get most of the volume,” Iteld said.

The next step is a second, mid-layer of the clear gel-like substance, which is made from hyaluronic acid. Finally, a few superficial injections just under the skin’s surface.

“What I was finding was we still had a little bit right at the skin level we wanted to tighten up,” Iteld said.

That’s where an ultrafine-gauge needle does the trick.

“And that allows me to go right under the skin,” Iteld said.

The result is a smoother transition between the lower lid and the cheek.

“It’s a little bit less about age and more about the anatomy and what you’re seeing," Iteld said.

Aneta Surma is only 28 years old, but feels self-conscious when she smiles.

“It’s very hollow here, so I’m very self-conscious about it. When I smile you can see a little bit more, that it digs in a little bit more there, so I just feel like I needed something to fill that area in to smooth it out more,” Aneta said.

At 63 and full of energy, Barb Ball is ready to look as good as she feels.

“Puffy, saggy and old. All of a sudden you get to a point where you look in the mirror and say, ‘When did that happen?’” Barb said.

“By injecting slowly, you inject a very fine line of product to avoid clumping that way. But I tell people be prepared for some swelling," Iteld said.

Both Aneta and Barb noticed a difference right away.

“Where I find this works the best, they don’t have a whole lot of sagginess, excess skin, not too much crepiness. For that person a little bit of filler goes a long way," Iteld said.

The under eye fillers last about nine to 15 months. The cost is about $500 to $750 per session.

To learn more about Dr. Iteld, go to www.driteld.com.

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