Mother accused of letting 9-year-old son kill his sister, blames the death on God

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A 36-year-old woman faces a murder charge after her 2-year-old daughter was found dead in her apartment.

Marie J. Chishahayo has been charged with second-degree murder and four counts of child abuse or neglect, KCTV reports.

Court documents say a man identifying himself as Chishahayo's brother saw the family Feb. 26 and that he didn't see any problems then. On Sunday, a church van tried to pick the family up, but there was no answer.

Chishahayo's brother said his wife went to the apartment Wednesday and saw somebody inside, but nobody answered the door.

On Thursday, he managed to get Chishahayo's 9-year-old son to let him and his two children into the apartment. Chishahayo refused to let her brother go upstairs, saying the children were sleeping.

According to KCTV, the brother eventually found Chishahayo's 3-year-old daughter Elena Elia under a blanket, next to 2-year-old Callia Elia, who was dead,

Elena yelled, "Mommy, you're hurting me, stop it," as the blanket was removed.

The mother, according to court records, told police initially, that she had not hit the children. But she said the 9-year-old child had hit the children to punish them. He also heated a knife to burn one of the children. Chishahayo says she permitted this because God had told him to do it.

She attributed most of the abuse to the son, saying she saw him throw Callia into the wall several times. She later admitted to hitting both children, one of them for not getting out of bed.

KCTV reports that as news of this story spread, stuffed animals, signs and flowers were left at the apartment.

Family friend Sostene Lewi told KCTV that Chishahayo may be suffering from a mental problem, though he doesn't know what it would be.

Chishahayo's other children are in state custody.

For more on this story from WDAF, click here.

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  • concernedforkids

    Just when u think it couldn’t get any worse..
    I think parents need to take classes while they are pregnant for the first time…yes, both of them….That way they can learn Stress Mgmt as well as dealing with each others roles when they are no longer together. Actually…I think it should be a required class in middle school , unless we’re too late, and they quit school…then ….require it to graduate even through GED. Make them take it! Along with a Psychological. We make people do everythingvelse, why not be better parents…and people..
    Then and only then will they get a license to bear children. IF/When THEY PASS…!
    There’s just no reason for loading the world up with children who are not being taught respect because many parents don’t know how to parent, get too stressed, or just live in a delusional Disney World of how parenting really is…until the baby pops out and reality sets in… . Not to mention…parents being attacked by the same children…because somewhere along tge libe…parents lost the upper-hand…got a better idea????

    • Kenneth P. Kelly

      Best Idea I have ever hard of. Unfortunately society will come up with there are not enough funds or resources to have such a class. It’s a real shame the way people today have no idea what it takes to raise children or even the simple basic steps. I have four of my own, and to be totally honest…the way the world is today…(and I love kids) if I had to do it all over again, there is no way in hell I’d ever have any children. Between the government and the cost of living…people are luck if they can take care of them self, let alone taking care of children properly.

  • urnanshi

    I am sick of all these people killing each other, i’m sick of crying over people i never met before. They are hurting young people that had lives ahead of them, not anymore.

  • ZebraStripes

    What is with this “God”? First he tells baby Bush to invade two countries and kill thousands of people, then he tells this mother to hurt her children.

  • Jon Evans

    What I find so insidious is, is that the bible, Koran/Qu’ran, and many other religious tenets are used to justify everything from Human Trafficking to Infanticide, to whatever. If you stay away from these books, you are labeled an atheist!
    Why can’t society admit that Religious tenets are like loaded guns? Here is an example gone wild.

    • Matsutake

      Jon. Usually I don’t reply on threads like this, but I feel like there is a sincerity in your post rather than the typical mocking that people on these forums usually do when it comes to religion. There are a few facets to this. One is that atheism is probably only second to Islam in murders and that is only because it has been around a lot shorter of a time. In the last hundred years look at all the murders done by communism. Therefore, murder is not only partial to religion. Second, people will always use their beliefs to justify their actions. People read between the lines in the Bible (or science texts, newspapers, or whatever is handy) that don’t exist simply because they want to find justification. On the other hand, the question to ask is does the tenets actually reinforce that murder is acceptable. People may justify their actions, but there are also belief systems which feed a message to people. Again, not just religion. Social Darwinists that practiced eugenics are a prime example. Another thing is that people with mental illness are attracted to anything that makes them feel empowered. Unfortunately religion does feed this in people (such as this lady in the story). Anyway, not all beliefs are equal and I guess the point is don’t judge something by how people necessarily act. 1+1 = 2 regardless if a math teacher is a complete jerk. After much deep research over the years I have no doubts the Bible is truth. Mind you I am a scientific researcher, so I’m far from an unintellectual. My apologies for the long response, but I really felt something sad when reading your post. My apologies for any hurt you’ve experienced at the hands of any Christians out there.

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