Mayor Emanuel kicking off ‘Summer of Faith and Action’

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CHICAGO-- Chicago’s still reeling from another violent weekend, a staggering number of shootings— 49 in just over two days and the mayor is vowing to do something about it.

He’s kicking-off another 'Summer of Faith and Action’ this Friday-- hoping to turn the tide with the help of local religious leaders.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel sa

id Thursday “If we’re gonna be a city with one future, we all have to act with one future in mind.”

Artist and activist FM Supreme said “My main goal is to show our young people that we can be the change we wish to see. No one’s coming to save us. We must save ourselves."

It might seem like an odd pairing, the hard-driving mayor and the 26-year-old rapper and activist who calls herself ‘FM Supreme’ but they’re a pretty good fit. They get along, finish each other’s thoughts and are of one mind as the weather heats up and number of shootings starts to rise.

During last year’s Summer of Faith and Action the mayor was occasionally heckled as he made the rounds with a message of peace. He’s doing it again without hesitation he, says in part to send a consistent message to communities plagued by violence that they’re part of the real Chicago.

Which he says is not this one. Not the one that sees 49 shootings in three days as Chicago did last weekend. But one that’s inclusive and willing to offer an alternative to guns and gangs.

Mayor Emanuel said “When people come back outside the church and occupy the streets in a family-friendly way there’s no place for gang-bangers. They only operate on fear.”

Getting young people on-board is a huge part of the second Summer of Faith and Action which kicks-off May 22nd.

Look for FM Supreme to play a big role in that, in part via social media, tweeting under the hashtag #chicagoyouthpeace

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