5th grade Ohio teacher fired for shaming school bully

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LEWIS CENTER, Ohio – A fifth-grade teacher in Ohio says she was fired for publicly shaming a school bully.

Nicole LeMire was a teacher at Glen Oak Elementary in Lewis Center, Ohio,

She caught the student blowing his nose on other students, pushing them and using inappropriate language, so she called him out in front of the class.

According to NBC 4, she wanted to teach the boy a lesson.

“I said ‘do you know how your actions and your words are hurting other students and your friends,'” LeMire said. “That’s it.”

According to the Olentangy Schools board’s resolution, she let the students tell the boy how he’d hurt them.

The school district says her exchange with the boy was bullying in its own right, and they fired her.

LeMire plans to sue the school district and has set up a GoFundMe account to pay for her lawsuit.

On the account page, she wrote: “I am asking for your help as I continue my fight against the Olentangy Local School District for wrongfully terminating my contract. As I believe in this cause wholeheartedly, it is going to be costly. If you find it in your heart to give monetarily toward the amount of my legal fees, I would be most grateful.”

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  • cd griffis

    Since when is it considered bullying for displaying a child for doing something wrong? That’s like saying a judge cannot sentence someone for doing something wrong.

    • John

      You want to know the real story? The kid had no disciplinary issues. None. Nothing on his report cards or progress reports. No reports in the district bully reporting system. None. He went to the bathroom, and came back to the teacher forcing him to stand in front of the class, without talking because he took too long in the bathroom. She then encourage his classmates to tell him why they didn’t like him and why he didn’t have any friends. She encouraged them to say things that were probably untrue, or almost certainly embellished. If he tried to speak, she took away recess privileges. She kept a tally, on paper. She wrote down unfounded accusations, on paper. Her singling him out caused some of the kids in the class to run out of the room in tears and find the school’s counselor.

      This teacher has a history of unprofessionalism and crappy behavior. She has had 4 written reprimands in 6 years. She was suspended twice in the last year ALONE! The child has had NO disciplinary problems, and a good record. But yeah, let’s pick on the nameless, faceless 11-year-old and slander him so we can be this poor innocent educator’s white knights. Surely someone with her track record wouldn’t throw a student under the bus to protect her professional reputation.

      • Jo Web

        don’t listen to a word from JOHN. there is NO bullying reporting system, bullying isn’t placed on progress or report cards ever! i teach in public schools and bullies ARE protected because schools want $$$ for every available kid period. so that means… NO suspensions (out of school), or explulsions. JOHN is more than likely an angry parent of a poorly behaved child or children. what the teacher did was absolutely RIGHT!

      • Brandon

        Thank you John. I am trying to find information about what the children (bully included) did say (during the incident, after it, at home, etc), and I cannot find anything. Did any of the students even ever say that they were bullied? How come no one has quoted them? The children matter most in this NOT the teacher NOT the school board NOT the parents. We all know they have been traumatized, yet they are all not saying anything. Is no one suspicious of that? That is very disturbing to me and for someone who cares so much about children, I think it is nothing to ignore. Something very horrible took place that day and they are not saying what. I checked the GoFundMe site to find out how much money she has made, and I found a comment someone posted. One was regarding the public record, another was regarding that ALL the students said that the bully was not bullying the other kids, this made my mind spin. The students did not made the boy cry, the teacher did. The teacher forced them to bully him to get him out of the school, to get a special needs kid out of school. LeMire also spoke to Lachey, another instructor of the school, about the boy, she also had him as a student, and asked him if his behavior was disruptive, she said no. Why would she lie to her? It is quite obvious the teacher and the student did not get along, and she was not going to stand for that.

        In a quote I read regarding something LeMire said. She said that she kept a tally, received seven points (did she say it was just three things the boy was accused of?), and the kid was heard yelling and speaking against the insults. She admitted that he cried during the incident. The teacher told him to stop speaking and let the students finish their thoughts. No, she told him not to defend himself and not to respond to any of the insults, otherwise no recess privileges. The students did not bully back against the student, the teacher did all the bullying, she most realistically said that it was them to make herself look good. She used her students as bullied victims and a special needs kid as a bully. These poor children are frightened. If they knew a guidance counselor could help them, they would have probably spoken to one if they were bullied. The student did NOT traumatize the fellow classmates. The teacher DID. Do you guys seriously think the children would admit it was her? Why did the students begged her not to go? I do not know. Maybe because she was their teacher? Because she was an adult? Maybe it had nothing to do with the incident. Maybe they just wanted someone to give them hope. Maybe they were bullied by some other kid. Maybe they were hoping for redemption in the teacher.

        The parents of the boy also informed the school that the teacher never contacted them to discuss the behavior of their son. I read the letter the father sent the teacher, and I do not think he or the mother are the sort of parents who would lie about this. The teacher responded back saying how she sees positive qualities in the boy, which we all know is a lie. Of course, she never met with them, there was nothing to be concerned of. Additionally, the letter the parents did receive was unintentional, as she said, was actually just a list the teacher kept regarding the boy. If it was a list to be concerned about, the teacher would have done something to contact the parents. Sort of strange, the boy never said anything about this incident, isn’t it? Or, the other children, for that matter.

        There is so much contradiction on every side, but I am sorry, I do not think things are looking good for the teacher at all. The more things I found out, the more things are for her disadvantage. It is quite obvious she wanted to blame this boy for her misconducts, and use the other children as ploys. Why would the school board post false things in the update letter if a lawsuit was going to occur? They would not be so foolish to be exposed and have their jobs taken from them. I have worked under deceptive management, I would know.

  • lon

    so the school said she was bullying the student??????? what a joke!!! the school just gave the bully a green light knowing he can do what ever and when he pleases and that others will suffer at his every whim and whine and not be held accountable.

    • John

      What makes you think her side of the story is correct? She has had multiple disciplinary actions and was suspended twice in the past. She had 3 written reprimands in the last 2 years alone. I’ve seen her public file, all 167 pages of it.

      The other side of the story is that the little boy wasn’t bullying anyone. She had the entire class tell this boy why he was annoying and didn’t have any friends. He wasn’t allowed to speak up for himself. Some of his classmates left the room in tears because of her actions, and insisted on talking to the school’s counselor.

      • sher

        I question your claim that you’ve seen her file. Employee disciplinary records, for any job, are not public. They are confidential, as are student files. So how is it that you have seen either one? If you are an administrator or school board member, or someone who actually has the authority then you are breaching confidentiality. Personally, I think you’re doing the equivalent of name dropping by falsely stating you’ve seen the files on either just to give more weight to your assumption that the teacher was in the wrong. Additionally, you comment that she targeted a special needs kid. What exactly is his qualifying disability, and again how do you know anything about it–that information does not go into the student’s cumulative file. this i know without a doubt because I work in special education and we are not allowed to even put their Individual Education Plans in the file because they are so confidential.

  • Joe Grell

    We live in a kinder, softer generation. Why do you think so many kids act up in school. In my day the teacher would pull kids into the corner and make me stand facing the wall. Other times they got a good whack with a yard stick or ruler. Today that would be called abuse. You learned real quickly after all the kids laughed at you for being in the corner or after a good discipline via the yard stick.

    • MrCrabs

      Same here. Sometimes you be “sentenced” by the principal to an hour after school sitting in the boiler room. The custodian had the authority to “counsel” you in the ways of appropriate behavior.

  • arcticswine

    Send you children to us!! We allow them to be bullied. If a teacher tries to protect your children we will fire them. We do take your children’s well being very serious!

  • sam

    The school board is condoning bulling and is prompting bulling which is againts the law. Shame on the school board and the parent should go to jail for what they unleashed to the world . That student should be delt with and pay the price and the teacher should be rehired back.

  • Realist

    Bet his parents are the type of idiots who say “not my son”…….I am sorry to hear she was fired for doing her job, later in years you can read about him in the neighborhood police blotter as mommy and daddy put their house up for bail money.

  • P. McFeely

    This is appalling and a testiment to our rapidly decaying society. Too much coddling of kids and too much “politial correctness”. Jump to point fingers and no accountability. This teacher should be awarded Teacher of the Year; she clearly teaches children more than “reading, writing and ‘rimethic”. Good for her.

  • Mark

    I’m not sure everyone is seeing the right issue. The issue was not that she confronted a bully but the method in which she elected to do so. If the school board account is correct (having other students stand and give their accounts of how this student had allegedly bullied him/her and why he had no friends [which is more of a personal attack]), that is out of line. There no doubt were embellished accounts shared by those other students. Yes, this shifted the power from the kid to the other kids, but what did it really teach that kid? Typically a kid engages in a behavior for one of two reasons: to get something or to avoid something. The only way to really teach the behavior is to uncover what the child is going for and offering more appropriate replacement strategies. This kid was in no way right in his actions, but the response, as alleged by the school board, was also out of line.

    I do question a disciplinary action of removal though. Unless there were other prior incidents that are not being disclosed, that response seems a little swift. It appears this teacher’s heart was in the right place and that she reacted on emotions. A teaching moment about how to better navigate that and conciliatory meetings might have been sufficient. But perhaps the previous issues are not being disclosed publicly.

    • Christy

      Apparently she had prior suspensions and disciplinary actions in her records. I agree with you, public shaming to that degree is just bullying the bully. So many other ways this could have been handled to good effect. So sad to see all of the people on here that cannot see the full picture.

    • John

      You are right. EVERYONE is missing a lot of facts. Yes, there were prior issues with her professional conduct. She had 4 written reprimands, 2 in just the last year. She was suspended without pay twice, both in the last year. Also, there’s concern that this boy wasn’t actually a bully, but was being more of a nuisance, and that she is slandering him to protect her reputation. The district has a process for reporting bullying, and this kid has never had a single report of bullying, NOR was he considered to be a discipline problem. I don’t think an actual bully being treated this way would have caused his classmates to leave the room in tears to seek out the school’s counselor.

      • Christine

        You a clearly the dad or someone close to this kid. Of course you will make up some excuse for the little boy.

  • Imh

    How can calling out the bully be bullying? If he doesn’t learn that his actions are wrong and have consequences now, he will turn into a thug and hoodlum in a few short years!!! Good for you!!!

  • Dave Corson

    That is just disgraceful!!!! She is the kind of teacher more schools need. This is what will stop bullying in schools!!!! How is it bullying to let the one, doing the bullying, that he/she is hurting others feelings?!!!! I ask you “How?!!! The only thing I can say why this is happening is because the bully must have a relative or friend, on the school board, or the bully must have told the principal some vicious lie to make it seem that the teacher bullied the bully. Well, speaking as one that has had his share of being bullied while in Junior High School, the pee-brain, at Glen Oak Elementary, who decided that the teacher should be fired for “bullying” the bully should be fired. If more schools had teachers, like this, there would be less bullying going on. Everybody wants to put a stop to bullying. However, when someone makes a bold move to stop the bullying, the manner is being questioned. If you are bullying the bully, that would involve walking to the bully and either strike the bully, make fun of the bully, and even encourage the bully to kill him/her self. Engaging the bully and letting the bully know that he/she is hurting other people and making them feel uncomfortable ISN’T BULLYING ITSELF!!!—–All I can say is that school better do something about this bullying issue and do it quick!!! I have a feeling that one day, we will read about a child being bullied in school and also about a parent that has had enough of his/her child’s constantly being bullied. We will also read how that parent just went insanely crazy and that showed it by ramming their car into the school

  • maude

    This isn’t the full story and I believe the teacher deserved to lose her job. The student went to the restroom and once he had returned, the teacher was angry and accused him of taking too long. She then told him to stand in the front of the class and asked each student to tell him why they didn’t like him and why he had no friends. Teachers are there to teach students and set good examples but singling out and shaming a student is wrong.

    I had a teacher in grade school that had students sign a “Bad book” and they would be publicly humiliated for whatever behavior they displayed that was inappropriate. I remember having to sign my name in the book because I accidentally sneezed on another student and the whole class watched and snickered. I went home and cried to my parents and refused to go to school the next day. It’s humiliating and cruel to make examples out of children.

      • Christy

        It may be nasty, but it is no reason to be publicly humiliated. Why don’t you stand in front of all of your co-workers next time you make a mistake and have them point out to you everything they don’t like about you. Would that improve your behavior or make it worse?

  • hallucigenia07

    no way in hell am I sending my kids to that school!!! I’ll pay private school fees before I send my kids to a school that condones bullies and bullies teachers. Tell Nicole LeMire that she’s welcome at my school.

  • emsta2221

    This bully of a teacher is a liar “I said ‘do you know how your actions and your words are hurting other students and your friends,’” LeMire said. “That’s it.”
    NBC4’s Liz Adeola asked what LeMire would say to the boy’s father. The student allegedly came home in tears with a note from school with all the bad things that were said about him.
    “Well, that note that got to him, was never intended for his parents,” LeMire said. “It was basically just a little list of things that I was starting. It was…it did not, was not addressed to the parents. It was actually surprising and shocking to me that it was even in the parents hands.” What note?!?!?! I thought she said she only asked the one question. I’m shocked too.

    • Brandon

      That just goes to show that she is lying. I do not condone bullying, but I am sorry, I just do not buy that this kid is a bully. The teacher is just obviously trying to save her own back from eventually being fired. As for the link you posted, I do not buy that one bit. She just went out of her way to make this child look stupid in front of his peers. I also read that she screwed up a test for a special needs kid (which I think is him) and read it when she was not supposed to, she denied this to the administrators. O-k, are we supposed to feel sorry for this teacher? I sure don’t. I am glad she was fired and if a lawsuit is still going to occur, I hope she does not win. I still have a feeling, though, the children were not as participative as we think they may have been. I think they were all set up. I am aware bullying goes on in workplaces and in schools, and nothing is being done, but there are much better ways than to have a child (or adult for that matter) not be able to defend him or herself, and have their peers all line up and one by one criticize them. That would leave anyone in tears. I recently quit a job, in which I was being bullied, but I am sure glad that did not happen. I though knows how it feels to be used as a scapegoat. It is quite weird though, getting back to this article, that one assistant principal would say that he has disruptive behavior and another would not. I wonder why that is.

  • julie

    Judges allow victims of crimes and their families and friends describe how their lives were effected by the actions of thugs. Thugs start out as childhood bullies. This teacher should be given an award, not fired. I don’t doubt for a minute that the kid doing the bullying was innocent. Give him a taste of his own medicine and maybe he’ll learn something.

  • bobart82

    Whistle blowers get the axe again. Its never the perp, just the witness now. Like recording officers, some how its a crime to show the truth for what it is.

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