Chicago police investigating video of officer who appears to be sleeping on the job

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CHICAGO – Chicago police are investigating a video posted online that shows an officer seemingly asleep inside his cruiser.

The video was posted to Facebook on May 15th and has been shared over 25,000 times.

The video shot in the area of 63rd and South Campbell in the Southwest Side Marquette Park neighborhood though it is unclear exactly when.

The video goes on for over a minute.  It appears pretty clear the officer is sleeping on the job in a marked SUV  in a neighborhood known to have a serious crime problem.  That is something the man shooting the video points out.

Residents say this doesn’t exactly fill them with confidence in the department and its commitment to serve and protect.  But many Marquette Park and Englewood residents also say they’re fearful of police and the possibility of retaliation if they speak out publicly, on-camera, about this.

The Chicago Police Dept released a statement saying:

We are already aware of this video and this matter is under investigation, which may result in disciplinary action. From all appearances this incident is not in keeping with the high expectations placed on our officers by this department and the residents of Chicago - which is unacceptable.

No word on how long that investigation will take or what the consequences might be for the officer caught on video.. But he remains on the job until the investigation’s complete.


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  • dee

    I’m pretty sure his grandmother is not Deputy Chief Connie Williams, who allows the family to sleep at their desks at the probation building…..and who walks around just recording in the middle of the day on a busy street? Was there a parade or a new store opening? Something is not right.

  • Lisa

    Well, I could really light into this guy but I can remember nodding off a few times in my office so I guess we all do it from time to time.

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