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Suburban musicians play for fun, play for good: Band raises money for charities

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A group of suburban musicians are being hailed as heroes.

Their rock band plays for the love of music but also to help those in need.

Rich Steiner is the director of real estate law for Walgreens. He spends his day digging through files, signing important paperwork and answering emails. By night, he trades in his suit and tie for a flannel shirt and bass guitar.

Steiner plays in local rock band Not for Profit.

The group of suburban professionals is having fun but they’re jamming for a purpose too. They give away every penny from concerts and merchandise to local charities.

So far, they’ve raised more than one million dollars.

Husband-and-wife-duo John and Angie Lyons are among the founding members. Soon after the band formed in 2006, they decided to devote their time and talent to helping those in need.

We play probably 10-11 times a year for different charitable organizations ranging from, playing in a small bar, where we just take a cover charge and turn it over to charity, to playing at some pretty big events,” John says.

Kenneth Hechtman reached out to the band for help after a heroic act changed his life.

In 2013, he and his brother were driving on the Edens Expressway when they saw a semi-truck hit another car and burst into flames. The brothers were able to save the truck driver, and the passengers of the car, Gloria Garcia and her young daughter.

Garcia and her daughter suffered 3rd degree burns in that crash.

To help pay for their surgeries, Hechtman started the Gloria Garcia Helping Hands Foundation. Not for Profit jumped at the opportunity to show support.

The good deeds don’t stop there. The band has helped more than 40 charities over the years like Free Wheelchair Mission, who received $10,000 dollars to send wheelchairs to developing countries.

While the band has been a tremendous support for local charities they see themselves as just a group of musicians using their talents for a higher cause.

Not for Profit is one of Chicago’s Very Own.



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