Man appears to confess on Facebook to killing wife, daughter, sister

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

VANCOUVER, B.C. — Police in Canada are investigating what appeared to be a murder-suicide after a man wrote on Facebook that he had killed his wife, daughter and sister, before burning himself to death.

According to multiple reports, Randy Janzen wrote on Facebook a long and detailed message explaining the killings.

Several news outlets published a screen shot of the post, in which Janzen wrote he had killed his daughter to relieve her of constant migraines that plagued her; then killed his wife, because “a mother should never have to hear the news her baby has died”; and then his sister, so she didn’t have to “live with this shame.”


A screen shot published by CBC and other outlets that purports to show Janzen’s post.

“Now my family is pain free and in heaven,” the post read.

Police later found the bodies of multiple victims, all believed to be members of the same family, the CBC reported Friday. Authorities would not confirm the number of deceased but did say one appeared to be the suspect, according to the report.

The Telegraph reported that one of the victims was found in a suburban Vancouver house, before police then arrived at another residence, where Janzen appeared to have barricaded himself in. Soon after the residence went up in flames, with Janzen believed to still be inside.

According to City News in Toronto, Janzen’s daughter, Emily, was a talented, ambitious musician in school, though fellow classmates said she often would take Tylenol or Advil to relieve headaches — but never let on to how bad they were.

Raymond Norfolk, who identified himself as a coworker of Randy Janzen, told City News he had felt like he’d gotten to know Emily himself, because her father “constantly” talked about her at work.

“I left work today. Honestly, when I heard about it I started crying. he told City News. “I had to go home and see my little girls, because it was too much.”

According to multiple reports, Randy Janzen’s Facebook post is being used in the investigation.

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