Rauner presses city council to adopt pro-business reforms

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO -- Gov. Bruce Rauner ventured into hostile territory Wednesday to sell on his turnaround plan for Illinois.

Mayor Emanuel invited the governor to address the city council, but Rauner's pro-business agenda may be a tough sell to Chicago aldermen.

Rauner made a pitch for Chicago to become a so-called "right to work" city.

Rauner says labor unions should not be allowed to impose mandatory dues on employees in unionized workplaces.

He also implied Chicago will need to make sacrifices if the state helps the city solve its financial crisis.

Rauner has also said Chicago Public Schools should consider filing for bankruptcy to restructure debt and contracts, a suggestion Mayor Emanuel has rejected.

Rauner's human services budget plan has received zero 'yes' votes from House lawmakers.
His plan that would have balanced the state budget entirely by slashing spending to human services like Medicaid as well as mental health and addiction treatment programs.

Republican lawmakers reportedly say it was sprung on them, not debated.

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  • Mona Dee

    Rauner, from Day One, has offended me with his act of droppin’ his g’s off of words. I feel he’s talking down to the people, and now to the Chicago City Council. This is offensive and very rude. Shame on those who voted for him.

  • Dan

    the first thing this cronie should have done is cut every politicians pay & most of all perks BEFORE starting on the working class of Illinois ! Let’s lead by example !

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