Prom photo with students holding Confederate flag, guns causing controversy

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PARKER, Colo. -- A prom picture from Colorado has triggered a controversy because the students are posing with a Confederate flag and holding guns.

The picture was posted to Facebook.

The caption said "the south will rise again."

They are not doing anything illegal in the photo.

A parent of one of the teens says she's upset because the group was encouraged to pose with the flag by other parents who were there.

One parent who says the picture was taken at her home does not condone the teens' decisions.

She says she thinks they just made a big mistake.

Some of the students have posted apologies on social media.

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  • Jonathan King

    My school mascot was a rebel soldier. None of us thought of it as racial or that it was against black people, but because of being rebellious against the status quo. There was very little racism in our community. Alas, no community is untouched by racism and stupidity. The image of a rebel flag is tied to slavery and tied to pride, no wonder our kids are confused. Our school changed the mascot due to further racial concerns in the mid 90s. I was very upset when they changed it. I will always be a rebel and I am not a racist because of a specific flag. Just be thankful those kids aren’t out burning down CVS and their community!

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