Furious viewer has ‘had enough’ of Morning News team, calls them ‘bunch of dopes’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • Kathy

    I agree but I’m not “furious.” (I don’t watch morning TV at all.) Absolutely juvenile antics and every day I’m flooded with annoying emails (which I keep for news) about the goofiness.

  • Vicki

    I watch you guys every morning. ..if you don’t like the news team, turn the channel! But you must watch the show enough to call in and make comments about it..

  • Earliana

    I ONLY watch WGN News in the morning because they keep it real—meaning they laugh, cry, act silly, but still get you the news. It’s REFRESHING to have people on the news who can be themselves and be human and not stiff or informal. News now days is bad enough, at least they make us (well the majority of us lol) smile Love you guys!

  • donna

    Best morning show EVER, don’t like it, it’s a free country, change your channel or stop being a hater, great team, they work well together

  • Janice Watson

    He is the DOPE!! You guys are great! I look forward to having my coffee with you when I wake up in the morning. When I go to bed at night, before I turn off the T.V I set it on channel 9! That way in the morning, all I do is turn it on and you guys are there!

  • Nicole Angellotti

    You guys are the best! It’s nice to watch the news and see the funny side of life. Every other channel is depressing and just shows all the negatives. Keep up the good work in making most of Chicago laugh!

  • Cheryl Fischer

    I LOVE the WGN morning team. I agree, if you need your news sugar coated watch GMA. Leave the morning team alone!

  • Lisa Groth McAllister

    Love the morning news team! They are the only reason I watch the news at all. They have great personalities and I can identify with them as people. So I get the ‘bad’ news from a good bunch of people who also supply light hearted humor to take the edge off and make you laugh! Angry people should switch channels and be quiet.

  • Tina Schultz

    Seriously?!?! Give me a break!! These guys have me cracking up every morning before work, you don’t like it, don’t watch

  • Miranda

    I think you guys are awesome, I’m a teen in high school, most teens don’t watch the news, you guys are the only reason I actually watch the news in the morning, WGN morning news is like a cup of coffee to me, gets me going in the morning

  • Rita Popenhagen

    How sad for this mope. Get a sense of humor you downer and a television with more than one channel. We don’t want your kind messing up our wonderful morning team. GO AWAY!

  • Kristina willer


  • Gale Malone

    Don’t change one thing about the morning news! It’s great. That guys sounds like he has a lot of issues. If he doesn’t like it, DON’T WATCH. For every 1 that doesn’t like them, there are 1000 who do. Love you guys. Robin you are so funny. Don’t ever change.

  • Jill

    I LOVE these guys! That guy is a dope! Why would he watch if he didn’t like them?! How stupid… CHANGE THE CHANNEL!! how hard is it!?

  • Lin

    You guys are great. Always leaves a smile on my face in the morning. Keep up the good work! You’re the only news station I watch in the morning.

  • sandy

    I have been watching this news team for years…they are great..please don’t change for some one who just likes to complain..if u don’t like them don’t watch…do not reck it for the rest of us who absolutely enjoy them…

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