Mom has 10-year-old son ‘arrested’ by police for bad behavior

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COLUMBUS, Ga. - A mom in Columbus, Georgia got some help from police to scare her 10-year-old son straight.

Chiquita Hill said her son, Sean, had been disrespectful and rude to his 5th grade teacher and wouldn't stop.

The teacher even dropped by to talk to him about his behavior.

That's when Hill decided to call 911 for some parenting help.

Police showed up at the door, put him in handcuffs and even put him in the squad car and flashed the lights.

Hill said she didn't know what they said to him, but when they were done, he ran out of the car, gave her a hug and apologized.


  • TT

    Terrible use of tax payer dollars. Parents need to do the parenting. Police are not there to teach you how to parent. You need help parenting, take a class. Don’t call “Law Enforcement Agents” when there is no law to enforce.

    • JR

      Money well spend, it is better than have to spend tax dollars prosecuting a young teenager. ..well done mom…

      • Emi

        @JD: Because she totally had control over what her parents named her, right? Plus, what does lack of father figure really have to do with it? I grew up without a father, and I’m not a criminal.

    • Breann Kepler

      As a Teen “once upon ago” I had parents both living in the same house,stay at home mom and teacher as a father. YOU COULD NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO when i was younger especially with my parents,if there is a will there is a way!!!! Id sneak out my window,id lie,exc… Kids are people w/their own minds too ;) AND i was whooped/time outs/groundings exc… I did not care nor did it phase me . Now as a adult luckily the GOOD words spoken by my parents DID stick… 2 children IM LUCKY!!! I think this was what THAT child needed…Each child is diff. too… But thats just My Opinion!

    • Sandy

      It’s called deference and I believe that’s part of the reason we have enforcements. I believe they did their job and deterred a kid from a life of delinquent behaviour. I think it’s great the mother acted and police responded. Great parenting skills.

    • kandy

      I don’t see anything wrong with what this woman did so I don’t know what the problem is for these people! I would do whatever it took! !!!!!

    • ck

      There is only so much a parent can do before cps gets involved. I’m sure that this parent has tried everything she could and this was a last resort. Good for her for calling the police and having them scare the daylights out of him instead of beating him! I wish the police out here would do that to some of the kids out here then maybe the juvenile system wouldn’t be so over crowded!

  • KCF

    Isn’t this just teaching him to fear the police?He is too young.Parents and teacher should have worked together.

    • ck

      I think its teaching him that if you continue to misbehave then you end up in jail. There are consequences to your actions……make bad choices and that is what happens.

  • ML

    I have such a problem with this – she basically absolved herself of her parental responsibility and turned it over to the police. This story is sickening and tragic.

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