Family’s pit bulls stolen at gun point

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO-- A crew of dognappers are on the loose and in possession of some very expensive canines.

These dogs are worth up to $15,000 each-- a very special breed of American Pit Bull Terrier-- and the victims say the thieves seemed willing to kill to get them.

Julio Nieves is visiting from Puerto Rico, helping his daughter and son-in-law with their pit bull breeding business.

The 72-year-old great-grandfather was working around the Logan Square garage Thursday when he found himself with a gun in his face.

“The guy who’s got the pistol in the hand-- he tell me to go down, so i go down on the floor and he keeps the gun to my head and I just tell him don’t shoot me."

Julio says he didn’t know what the men were after and he didn’t care. He told them to take whatever they wanted.

They went straight for the pit bulls passing up the pups, in favor of the pregnant females, making off with two of them and their mother. But not before firing a warning shot inside the garage. Something Julio says he'll never forget.

“We are animal lovers, these dogs go to shows, they been in events, we do love them, we care for them. We don’t know who out there has them right now.. And i don’t think the purpose of them taking them was to treat them well.”

There is some surveillance from around the neighborhood and police have it.

Neighbors also saw the men and have passed along their descriptions.

Julio is still a bit shaken by all this. But as you heard, the family now fears for the well-being of those dogs.

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  • Karla Elvis

    Is this how they license dog breeding facilities in Chicago? Convert your home and put in as many dogs as you can fit….The dogs may be better off where they are now!

    • Valerie Jean

      We can only hope but my guess is that they’ve just supplied a dog fighting ring to a lifetime supply of dogs…so somebody else will be making money off the lives of the dogs.

      • Bad Wolf (@spongebrooke84)

        These aren’t fighting dogs. Fighting dogs are required to have some sort of athleticism, and given the looks of these dogs they’d be lucky if they can make it down to the end of the driveway. Nobody in their right mind can look at these dogs and say they are healthy. These dogs are just victims of another sad designer mutt fad.

  • Valerie Jean

    These are “backyard breeders” who have found a way to make money off the suffering of others….and robbed by others who make money off the suffering of others — dog fighters. Thanks for contributing to the suffering of animals, Nieves family! I hope you now “go out of business”…perhaps you should get a job at a shelter where so many pit bulls are killed thanks to backyard breeding.

  • Pam

    Stop breeding when shelters are overflowing. It is sad that these dogs were taken but having that many pregnant females and none living inside your home….looks like a puppymill //backyard breeder. Sad in all ways.

  • CP

    They are a breeding “business”. I hope they are paying fees in Chicago to be a licensed business. No taxes either for those $12000-$15000 dogs? When is Chicago going to regulate this? Illinois Department of Agriculture? There are enough dogs dying in shelters. We don’t need any more breeders here! I hope the dogs are found safely but these people need to stop.

    • Josef

      You are worried about taxes? Dirty Ralm Emmanuel is throwing a free party with tax payer money for the NFL a trillion dollar non for profit business right now downtown.

  • cheryl

    If they really LOVED pit bulls they would adopt and not breed. They love money not the breed. All the homeless abused neglected dogs of all breeds, breeding should be illegal. Put the breeders in a cell so they know what it is like to live without love and freedom

  • Taylor Shaw

    These people should be prosecuted for animal abuse, illegal breeding, tax evasion and any other charges that can be thought of. I would like to see them kept in these cages in a dark garage. Who can we contact to have them brought up on criminal charges?

  • FamV

    All these comments are amazing to me and tell the type of society we live in. This story was to put out information of something bad and sad that should have never happened and instead people use this to pinpoint what just looks like or appears to be from a newsclips without knowing the truth or reality. If you don’t know please refrain yourselves from making unnecessary comments.

  • Sharon Yildiz

    One in three pit bulls is euthanized each year. In fact, of 4 million dogs and cats euthanized in shelters each year, one million of them are pit bull terrier. And yet they’re breeding more? I show dogs in UKC and AKC, and I’d love to know where they are showing these mutants with dachshund-like legs. Faulty genetics does NOT make a $15k dog…

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