Midday Fix: Spring training tips from Dave Zimmer of Fleet Feet Sports Chicago

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Dave Zimmer

The open house information for Fleet Feet Sports:


For more information about the programs:


Dave's Tips:

Don’t do too much too soon. CES provides both in-person or virtual programs – for individuals and groups –for everyone from the couch potato to the regular runner . There are even programs for cycling, swimming, triathlon training and yoga for runners. Each one of them features a gradual build up because that’s the only way to avoid injury.

Proper footwear is a must. Not all running shoes are alike.  Have an expert check to see what kind of shoes fit your body

Even properly fitted footwear breaks down. Overuse of footwear is a major source of injury. Even if the shoe fits, there’s a need to ‘update’ your shoes after a certain period of time.  For example, the amount of mileage you have on a shoe causes it to break down. A shoe used on the treadmill will experience force different than when you run outdoors so will break down in different places.

Mother nature is an added challenge.  When you run indoors, there’s padding on the treadmill and the base gives. There’s no wind resistance, no uneven ground, etc.  Remember that, and connecting back to our first point, give yourself a break if you can’t keep up the same pace outdoors as you did indoors. Don’t try to do too much too soon.  On the other hand, outdoors, you do get to enjoy the scenery so you leave the boredom of the “dreadmill” behind which might help.

Find something you love to do – and find people you like doing it with – and follow a consistent schedule. CES trains thousands of people every year for events ranging from 5K’s to IronMan races and the vast majority swear that the camaraderie and support they get from their fellow participants, in addition to our supportive mentor/coaches, is what helps them stick to the program  week after week and experience success.


The program has informational/open houses at four locations on two different dates as per below.

Saturday, May 2nd, 7:30am

  • Fleet Feet Sports — Old Town (1620 N Wells St)
  • Fleet Feet Sports — South Loop (150 W Roosevelt, Roosevelt Collection)
  • Fleet Feet Sports — Elmhurst (124 Schiller St)

Sunday, May 3rd, 7:30am

  • Fleet Feet Sports — Lincoln Square (4762 N Lincoln Ave)

No Boundaries weekly  “Find Your Inner Athlete”  group training outings are then held at FOUR Chicago-area Fleet Feet Sports stores on different days and times per below beginnig on May 16th or 17th - depending on the location.

  • SOUTH LOOP: Tuesdays 6:30pm and Saturdays 7:30am (150 W. Roosevelt, Roosevelt Collection)
  • OLD TOWN: Wednesdays 6:30pm and Saturdays 7:30am (1620 N. Wells)
  • ELMHURST: Wednesdays 6:30pm and Saturdays 7:30am (124 Schiller Street, Elmhurst)
  • LINCOLN SQUARE: Thursdays 6:30pm and Sundays 7:30am (4762 N. Lincoln)

Runners may pick the day and location that works best for them. If they can’t make it to their regular location, they can join a group at another store and day.

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