Welcome to the Bachelor Pantry!

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Special Delivery!

Ok guys, time to man up— what’s really in your pantry? What about your fridge?

When we asked Ashley Pettit, an expert in helping people clean up their act (via their workout routine & diet) about what she typically finds when she ventures into any bachelor pad, she immediately knew her answer: chips, soda, and not quite the healthiest cut of meats (never get behind a man and his grill, right?)

“I find with men as long as it tastes good, healthy is not so bad,” she said, “I find men date better, and they do better at work when they have this confidence from a healthy lifestyle.”

So we asked her to share the love; to tell us how to swap out the top staple man foods for healthier alternatives. Here’s what she came up with:

1. Offender: Soda.

  • Substitute: Sparkling Water or Coconut Water
  • Ashley Says: “Without sacrificing the flavor, I have some healthier options. La Croix, which is my personal favorite, has no artificial flavoring, so sodium, no sugar. You kind of feel like you’re having a soda without all of the negative ingredients.
    Also, coconut water is fantastic in a smoothie or when you’re hydrating after one of your cardio workouts.”

2. Offender: Chips

  • Substitute: Portioned Olive Packs, Savory Snack Bars
  • Ashley Says: “I don’t know if it’s like the ease of a chip and dip or if it’s football Sundays or whatever it is in men’s houses, but I always find the standard american potato chip. The salt addiction is real, right? To get rid of that salt addiction, replace it with something that’s similar. I reccomend kalamata olives 100 calorie packs. You can take that to work, put it in your desk, put it in your car. I also love savory Kind bars and they have flavors like honey smoked bbq and jalapeño.

3. Offender: Fatty & Processed Meats

  • Substitution: Bison, Organic Hotdogs
  • Ashley says: “Men love to barbecue and that’s such a man thing. I don’t want to take that away from you. Try organic hotdogs without any chemicals in them. I promise they’re still gonna grill up like any normal hotdog! I also recommend trying bison meat; it does have a little bit of a different flavor because it doesn’t have as much marbling as the steak, but  just taste them and you’ll be able to taste the fat in he steak and compare that to bison which is a little bit more heart healthy.”

More wisdom from Ashley and see her go into a real bachelor pad to clean house, below:

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