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Community pushing for girl with cancer to meet her hero, Taylor Swift

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CHICAGO -- At 115 Bourbon Street, it was Dancing for Emily time.

Hundreds of kids lent their support for Emily Beazley, a Mt. Greenwood girl who is battling Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Her friends are doing what they can to help make Emily's dream come true.

Emily wants to meet her favorite music star: Taylor Swift.

The last several days have seen a community come together for this brave girl. Just this week, Emily and her family learned chemo was no longer working and the cancer is growing.

Her parents are simply hoping Emily’s story puts a spotlight on childhood cancer.

Just outside her front door, the street has been named in her honor.

Only hours after that took place Friday, Emily’s friends and neighbors conceived of this new idea.

While she couldn't make it Sunday she was with everyone here in one form or another. The plan is to get word to Swift by way of her agent through stories like this.

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  • dave

    I am so sorry Emily is so ill, and my heart really goes out to her family.
    I know people in her community are trying to be kind, but I don’t know if they’ve really thought thru their idea of Taylor Swift coming to see Emily. And if you’re going to try and contact her agent, I don’t know why you’re looking for so much publicity. It seems like every week I Google Taylor Swift, there are stories about people trying to get publicity for Taylor to see a sick child. But there are only so many hours in a day. Right now, Taylor has a tour starting in May. She’s working hard in rehearsals. Her mom also has cancer and i’m sure she wants to spend time with her. it seems like it’s reaching the point where people think right away to get Taylor to visit. How about a walkathon in Emily’s name, with local celebs, to raise money for childhood cancer research? Or a carnival, with auctions of cool stuff, and donate that money? I’m sure that would make Emily proud, and you folks will be doing something good. Another way for Emily to seem special.There are also tons of young stars and singers on Nickelodeon and Disney, maybe one of them can visit., in fact there was just a big radio Disney award show.
    Taylor is such a kindhearted person, but is it fair to think she can visit every sick fan? This is just my opinion. maybe Taylor can do something. But these stories keep popping up. I’m sure it makes her feel bad when she can’t see someone. I’m sure she’d like to visit everyone.

    • Pat D.

      Dave, relax and let the girl have her dream. Obviously it is tough to reach a mega-star. If you can’t help, maybe you should just stay away and keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Leilani

    Taylor Swift did end up calling her. In fact the call lasted for 10 min and Swifts recent sold out Soldier Feild show she payed tribute to Emily wearing Emily’s favorite colors green and purple and the sea of fans wore green and purple light up wrist bands. SO AWESOME

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