Bulls go to the video to stop the turnovers

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Bulls' Tony Snell and Joakim Noah put up shots at the end of the Bulls practice at the Advocate Center on April 26th.

CHICAGO – It’s one thing to say it or think it, but to actually see something has a much more profound effect on people.

Tom Thibodeau and the Bulls coaching staff thought the same after a bit of a rough evening in Milwaukee on Saturday.

With some video work-and there was a bit of it-the coaches put together a video the 28 turnovers which the Bulls had in a two-point Game 4 loss to the Bucks.

“I wasn’t counting, but I was counting,” said forward Mike Dunleavy about the turnover video.

It wasn’t exactly joyful viewing. It was those turnovers that cost the Bulls a chance to win their first round series with a sweep which became even bigger when Cleveland beat Boston to finish them off in four games. The Cavaliers await the winner of the Bulls-Bucks series while also picking up a day of rest-something that always helps during a grueling playoff run.

But for Dunleavy the thought is on the Bulls fixing themselves before another closeout chance in Game 5 at the United Center on Monday night. The film of all the turnovers was quite revealing.

“When you turn the ball over 28 times, there are some amazing ways to do it,” said Dunleavy. “At some point you start becoming creative. It was pretty amazing the way we turned it over hopefully we’ll fix it.”

Thibodeau confirmed that the team looked at every one of the turnovers following the game and said the reasons for them were aplenty.

"Some were their defense, some not making the right read," said Thibodeau. "Usually if you hold onto it too long or dance with the ball or try a risky pass it's going to lead to a problem. HI the first open man, be sound with the ball. When we did that we got good shots."

In many ways that was true. The Bulls shot 48 percent from the floor and despite the turnover issues had the ball with a chance to win in the final seconds. Of course that was the 28th and final turnover on a Derrick Rose drive which led to the game-winning bucket by Jerryd Bayless that forced the series to at least a 5th game.

But the fact that the Bulls were right there at the end even with the turnover issue calms a bit of the anxiety when it comes to taking care of the ball.

"The reality is we didn't play well but we had the ball with 20 seconds left and a chance to win the game," said Dunleavy. "To turn it over 28 times and be in that position, we're doing a lot of things right."

Even if a pre-practice video might have shown the opposite for one night in Milwaukee.

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