Earth Day apps to help you live more environmentally friendly

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CHICAGO -- Wednesday is Earth Day, so it's a good time to think about what you can do to help the environment. These three apps can help you be more eco-friendly. Plus, Google's got a fun quiz to help you celebrate the day!

Free for iOS

Created by researchers and students at t University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology, MyEarth is an app that tracks your carbon savings. By doing simple things like taking a shorter shower or recycling a milk jug, your energy savings increase. A polar bear perched on an iceberg even illustrates your progress: the more energy you save, the bigger the iceberg gets.

Light Bulb Finder
Free for iOS and Android

The Light Bulb Finder app recommends the best energy-saving CFL or LED for your needs based on financial payback, light quality, fit and appearance. Create a customized shopping list of recommended energy-efficient bulbs for easy reference when shopping at local retailers, or buy bulbs directly through the app.

Free for iOS

GoodGuide takes the guesswork out of eco-conscious shopping. Browse categories of products or search for a specific product with the app's UPC scanner. GoodGuide provides information on the environmental, health, and social impacts for each time. GoodGuide works for food, personal care items, and household items.

Earth Day Google Doodle Quiz: What animal are you?

To celebrate Earth Day, Google created a google doodle that clicks through to a "What animal are you?" quiz. Answer a few short questions, and you'll find out! I got SQUID!

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