Veterinarian fired after killing cat with arrow, posting photo to Facebook

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BRENHAM, Texas — A veterinarian in Texas has reportedly been fired after she killed a cat with a bow and arrow and then boasted about it by posting a photo of the kill to social media.

According to KBTX, Kristen Lindsey posted a picture on her Facebook page of her holding an arrow that is sticking through the head of a dead cat.

The post read, “My first bow kill, lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through it’s [sic] head! Vet of the year award … Gladly accepted.”

One problem: the cat wasn’t feral, but rather belonged to an elderly couple in the area, according to a Texas animal rescue group.

Her photo caused a social media firestorm after her photo went viral, and she could face charges, KBTX reported.

Before getting fired, Lindsey reportedly wrote in the comments section of her post, “No I did not lose my job. Lol. Psshh. Like someone would get rid of me. I’m awesome!”

According to KBTX, Washington Animal Clinic (map), where she worked, received more than 500 phone calls Friday morning. They fired her shortly afterward and put duct tape over her name on the company’s sign.

“This kind of stuff shouldn’t happen in our society,” said Austin County Sheriff Jack Brandes, according to KBTX . “It’s a very sad thing. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of it and get the truth, 100% truth, and get it to the DA and put it in his hands if it needs to go any further.”

KBTX reports some are coming to Lindsey’s defense, including a woman named Shannon Stoddard, who told the station, “She’s a good vet, so maybe her bad choice of posting something on Facebook was not good. But I don’t think she should be judged for it.”



    • mz

      def needs to have license revoked and animal cruelty charges and penalties applied hope such a person never has chance to treat or care for animals as she clearly has no soul. hippocratic oath means nothing to her

  • marianne

    Sick, sick sick. Guess she adores Kendall Jenner, or the other blond idiot that took a photo of herself next to a dead Giraffe she killed. Google it. thanks

  • Frank Slowinski

    this is awful; what she did should be punished by full extent of the law and I feel sorry for her family and the shame they will feel from the public – she is mentally sick and should be isolated from society- this is as sickening as seeing someone dangling a dead baby and smiling about it-that cat was someone’s family member

  • eileen sippel

    If anyone hires this poor excuse for a human being I would be shocked. You go to school to treat animals compassionately. Wonder, just sayin”, how many animals did not survive because she decided they were worthless? They need to charge her. And she needs to check herself-never getting fired because she is too awesome??? Hows that working for ya honey? LOL

  • J

    She killed for amusement. It’s not bad judgement, it’s evil. She is a vet, who is suppose to save animals, not take the life of a perfectly healthy one. Absolutely no excuse for murder. For that I say, REVOKE her license and jail time.

  • Diane Sampson

    So Shannon Stoddard is defending this monster and thinks that the vet posting the photo on Facebook was possibly a mistake, but she “shouldn’t be judged for it.” And here I thought that killing that poor cat and breaking the owners’ hearts was the crux of what she did wrong, not proudly posting a picture of her deed! THAT was just incredibly stupid, but killing that darling cat that way is just plain evil. Yes, she should be judged for it.

  • Laura

    Shannon Stoddard,do you have a brain in your head? You think she made a bad choice by posting it on Facebook??? So, you think shooting someone’s pet with a bow and arrow was ok, she just made a bad choice in posting it??? You’re an IDIOT!!!!! Go back to painting your nails – you’re useless.

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