Woman removed from flight after reportedly stabbing passenger with pen

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO -- A plane departing from Chicago’s Midway Airport Thursday was forced to return to the gate after an altercation between two passengers.

As the plane was taxing on the runway, passengers say a woman jabbed a pen into the arm of the man next to either stop him from snoring or to move his hand that was touching her arm.

Initial reports via Twitter from a fellow passenger referred to the incident as the woman “stabbing” the man in the arm with a pen.

Southwest downplays the incident saying in a statement, “A customer on Flight 577 was removed from the flight for poking her seatmate with a pen to stop him from snoring."

The statement went on to say, "The flight departed shortly after the passenger was removed and is now on its way to MHT. The passenger in question will be accommodated on a later flight. No injuries were reported."

Southwest airlines flight 577 finally took off two hours after a passenger stabbed or poked her seatmate with a pen.  It happened about 1:45 as the plane, heading to Manchester, New Hampshire just outside of Boston, was about to take off.

Chicago police officers escorted the woman off the plane.  She remains at the airport where she may face charges.  Another woman said the passenger named Lenny was okay but was sore and shocked at what had happened.

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  • Bob

    You never know what will happen when two odd people meet in a cramped airplane. Also odd that the reporter felt the need to mention Manchester is “just outside of Boston”. It’s irrelevant. Perhaps an attempt to help those who don’t know their US geography.

  • John Conners

    why the hell was the woman not charged……that pen could be a deadly weapon. Something is wrong with that woman yet the Chicago cops turn her lose and put her on “another” plane…… And Chicago wonders why crime is rampant. This is just ANOTHER example of poor Chicago police in “inaction”,

  • twobuoys2

    If someone lined up a bunch of people and asked me which person most looks like a guy named Lenny Mordarski- No Question, I’d pick this guy. And quite frankly- I’m glad she poked him with a pen. People who behave like they’re the only one on the plane is such a pet peeve. I hope she left a mark :)