ESPN reporter suspended after video shows her berating tow company employee

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WASHINGTON — ESPN’s Britt McHenry has been suspended for a week after a video was leaked online that apparently shows her berating a tow company worker.

Editor’s note: The video contains vulgar language. Viewer discretion advised.

McHenry was eating dinner in Arlington, Va., on April 5, when her car was towed. McHenry tweeted about her car getting towed:

“Just got towed after eating dinner at an establishment in Arlington. How corrupt is Advanced Towing?”

The tweet has since been deleted.

In the leaked video, McHenry can apparently be heard telling the towing company worker, “I’m in the news, sweetheart.” She then unleashes a number of four-letter words at the worker.

McHenry goes on to say:

“Do you feel good about your job? So I can be a college dropout and do the same thing? Maybe if I was missing some teeth they would hire me, huh? I’m in television and you’re in a F$@# trailer, honey.”

McHenry eventually tells the attendant to, “Lose some weight, baby girl.”

The worker can also be heard threatening to release video of the altercation.

McHenry has apologized, calling the altercation an “intense and stressful moment:”

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  • J C

    She should be fired. Just because your on TV doesn’t give you the right to judge or criticize. She needs more then a suspension, a demotion to assistant. This way she can fetch coffee, car, dry cleaning, make appointments and schedule unnecessary meetings.

  • Nick

    I do not think what she did was right, but she shouldn’t lose her job because of it. She can say what she pleases no matter how disgusting it was. It is called freedom of speech, which I know does not really exist anymore in our socialist society. She did not make any threats towards anyone. She did not physically harm anyone. She was simply upset at the situation and went about it the complete wrong way. Suspended? Sure. Fired? Absolutely not. All of you calling for her to be fired need to get off your high horse and remember that you’re not perfect either.

    • Seth

      It astounds me how many people on internet articles bring up freedom of speech when there’s a video of some verbal altercation between two private citizens. Freedom of speech is ONLY reserved for altercations between the government and a private citizen (or group of citizen). It CAN NOT be used to protect a private citizen who uses hate speech against another private citizen from the consequences of that hate speech.

      Should the hate speaker be thrown in jail or LAWFULLY punished in anyway? No, and said person can’t be. However, said person can still be fired from his/her job, told by other citizens to shut the hell up, anything really (short of being put in jail, made to do community service by the gov’t, or any other punishment IF IT IS BEING HANDED DOWN BY THE GOV’T).

      People should REALLY learn what the 1st Amendment ACTUALLY does before they post ignorant responses like the one above..

  • Santa

    Agree she is a meanie but have you ever had your car towed and had to pay a couple hundred bucks to get it back? It makes you crazy. Also don’t think the world needs to see every stupid thing people do

  • arubatom

    Another person who thinks she’s an elitist by being a talking head reporter on TV with good looks….wake up Britt, you’ll age like all of us….maybe when you’re not on TV eventually, you’ll be working at a tow company office!!!

  • Nik

    Bullshyt. She might have been in a stressful moment, but she sure seemed calm as hell when she was trashing the clerk from her teeth all the way down to her weight. Looks like she had a bigger problem with the clerk than the towing company. Also, why is she bragging about her credentials like she is Walter Cronkite when all she really does is read a teleprompter for a company that doesn’t even want women reporting sports news?!

  • cyber loitering

    I’m sure there were no parking signs posted which she obviously didn’t care about because “she’s in the news.” If ESPN doesn’t fire this POS they are being elitest too. What kind of message does that send to viewers/advertisers of their network?

  • SouthSider

    Why is she being persecuted. Everyone on here would cuss out a tow truck driver if he was taking their vehicle. Tow truck drivers get beat up and shot at. So what she roasted him/her. It’s just words. I’ve seen people cuss out police for a ticket. Does those people need to be fired from there job?

    • Bobbie

      I’m sorry but I’ve had my car towed in New York at 3pm with my 6month old daughter. I had to take a cab to the tow company $35 then pay a tow fine a release fine and a ticket almost $300, btw I’m not from New York i was on vacation. Never once did i become verbally aggressive and they also took almost an hour after i paid for my car to be released to return it to me and it was the middle of winter.

  • Mary

    She obviously wasn’t worried about the consequences when the employee warned her that she would play the video. Only fair that she should suffer big and lose her job. Why would ESPN want someone like that representing them?

  • Bobbie

    Because she’s a public ideal she should’ve controlled herself regardless. Being under stress is no exuse, she should be terminated.