Photos show Rod Blagojevich with white hair behind bars

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Blago Behind Bars Photo

Photo of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich used with permission from the National Enquirer.


DENVER —  The first photos of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich behind bars were published by Radar Online, and the disgraced politician does not look like he used to.

The most striking change in the photos is that Blagojevich’s signature black coif is now shockingly white.

Blagojevich, photographed at Federal Correctional Institution Englewood near Denver, is serving a 14-year sentence after trying to sell Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat when he was elected president in 2008.

While awaiting word on a last-ditch appeal, Blagojevich has daily contact with his family and teaches the history of war battles to other inmates, his attorney said.


  • Jim kelly

    He didn’t make a friggin dime yet he gets 14 yrs Jackson is already out something really stinks.

    • Lisa Porter

      No, different crimes. Jackson was charged with using money from his campaign fund to bus expensive things. Blago was charged with just about everything else, including bribery.

  • Lisa Porter

    And even though Chicago’s current mayor is constantly in the Pay-to-Play game with companies doing business with the city – same kind of thing Blago is in the big house for – the odds that he will ever be indicted are absolute zero. Black people have been complaining for years about the arbitrariness of the criminal justice system, and here’s an example of it for you white folks to see. No, Blago doesn’t deserve to be in prison for 14 years. However, he knew people didn’t like him, and kept doing what he was doing.

    • 2A Tees

      Big accusation – if you have proof, why don’t you come forward? If you don’t, then you are just speculating….

  • A Alie

    This man needs to be set free. The question that WGN is posing is downright shameful and inconsiderate. Let’s not forget this man’s family from whom he is detached while he’s struggling to maintain his sanity behind bars. He only talked about a potential crime, but never committed the crime. Furthermore, he was no different from the other elected officials who waste our tax dollars by spending more time doing personal errands instead of working diligently to change our economic situations.

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