Final day of campaigning for Chicago mayoral candidates

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO — The candidates for Chicago mayor have a packed schedule today - the final day of campaigning before Election Day on Tuesday.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is seeking a second term on Tuesday. He was unable to win the necessary majority in the February election, meaning he's locked in a runoff with Cook County Commissioner Jesus Garcia.

Emanuel and Garcia started the morning early looking to capture the votes of the undecided.

Emanuel had breakfast at Ann Sathers with a group of volunteers and then headed later in the morning to the phone banks to make some calls.

Garcia started his day greeting commuters on their way to work, then rallied his campaign workers to make a big final push before tomorrow's election.

The most recent poll numbers by the firm Ogden and Fry, show Emanuel leading with just over 51 percent of the vote, Garcia with 33 percent and 15 percent still undecided.

Tuesday's contest will also feature aldermanic runoffs.

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1 Comment

  • James C. Walker

    There are many issues, but one is clear. If you are tired of leaving your wallet open to be picked by Rahm’s insatiable greed for $100 bills with the money grab red light cameras – vote for Mr. Garcia.

    If you LIKE having $100 bill taken by the money grab cameras which have NOT improved safety, vote for Emperor Rahm so he can give more money to his favored 1% buddies.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

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