Fans flock to Wrigley on Opening Day

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CHICAGO - And baseball is back at Wrigley Field.

The  Chicago Cubs opened their 2015 season at home Sunday night.

The North Siders took on the St. Louis Cardinals during a rare opening night game

The Wrigley Field renovation project is still a work in progress.


WGN Web Desk April 5, 20152:40 PM

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20152:41 PM

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20152:41 PM

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20152:42 PM

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20152:55 PM

Whether you’ve seen Wrigley 100 times or seeing it for the first time today, the renovations can’t be ignored.  

Jarrett is from Washington  Missouri (Just outside St Louis) and has set out to see as many ballparks as he can.  So far he’s up to “4 or 5.”  And while he and his family aren’t attending today’s game, they were in town and wanted to check Wrigley off the list.

Jarret thought the renovations were “pretty cool.”  “I thought the banners of the players out front were cool.”  

His dad (not pictured) agrees a little saying, “it looks like it’s going to be amazing, but it takes away some of the ambiance.”

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20152:56 PM
WGN Web Desk April 5, 20153:03 PM

Jerry, from “the left field bleachers,” was out early on Opening Day and says the renovations leave him with a “strange feeling.”

“I think fans and ballplayers will miss the bleachers.”

Jerry went to his first Cubs game in 1947 and asked his dad to take him to the World Series.  

“He said I was too young and he sais ‘I’ll take you next time.'”

Since then, Jerry’s been waiting to “get to the promise land.”

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20153:05 PM

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20153:12 PM

Experienced autograph seeker Max Salus was outside the player entrance early Sunday and scored Phil Coke’s signature.  Max, who is from Edison Park, says he has alot of the Cubs players’ autograph but “Rizzo is my favorite.”

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20153:26 PM

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20153:31 PM

From head to toe Ronda Whitehall from Burlington, Iowa is read for Opening Day.

This is Ronda’s 25th home opener “in a row” and she has mixed feelings about the renovations.  

“I’m a little nervous but excited at the same time,” she says.  “Just as long as they don’t touch the scoreboard.”

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20155:35 PM

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20155:36 PM

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20156:02 PM

“Alright boys!”

And with that Rhonda seats yet another table at the ultra-busy Salt & Pepper Diner on Clark.  This particular Sunday saw both an Easter rush and a marathon of Opening Day diners.  The diner opened at 6:30 a.m. and will be open until midnight.

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20158:08 PM

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20158:20 PM

Wrigley’s renovations are impacting an unlikely group – the Ballhawks.

Those stationed at the corner of Waveland and Kenmore earlier today said the massive screen perched over bleachers now might stymie them a bit.

“It’s going to cut down on the action,” said Billy, who was equipped with an equally massive glove. “But life is a series of adjustments.”

But the fenced off construction along Waveland claimed two pop-ups during batting practice.  A construction worker was nice enough to throw one over the fence to the awaiting ballhawks.  The second ball got lost somewhere in the dust.

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20158:40 PM

David and David Pasillas Jr from Minooka, Ill were among those first in line today at the gates under Wrigley’s iconic sign.

“It’s a father-son tradition of eight years in a row,” David Sr. said.

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20159:38 PM

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20159:39 PM

WGN Web Desk April 5, 20159:40 PM

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