Archbishop Cupich breaks from tradition, celebrates Easter in Tinley Park

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TINLEY PARK, Ill. -- Easter arrived with sun-kissed splendor for the believers at St. Julie Brilliart Parish in Tinley Park.

It was an even more special occasion for the parishioners, because leading the flock was Archbishop Blase Cupich.

Unlike his predecessors, Cardinal Bernadine and Cardinal George, the leader of Chicago's archdiocese chose to celebrate Easter mass away from Holy Name Cathedral.

Also different this year was the absence of Cardinal George, who was released from the hospital just several days ago as he continues to fight cancer. He celebrated Easter at home in private.

For the faithful who attended this mass, it was, they said, a true blessing.

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1 Comment

  • Mr. Reality

    I really don’t know how stupid these people can be, Anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge knows there is no god of abraham, or any other god (unless you want to call the natural cause of the universe a god). More than that, do these people realize what praying is: it’s telling their personal god that he/she/it is wrong, and telling their god that it is wrong. I’m laughing so hard. How stupid must these people be to still believe in this ancient mythology? Why are they correct, but the Cult of Mythras is worng? It should be not surprise that the educated just laugh at this belief in a “god.” It’s the uneducated (and really severely uneducated) who believe in some Xtian god. My guess is that if any of these believers actually studied and understood (1) the history of the Jewish people; (2) the hundreds (thousands?) of contradictions in the bible; and (3) other world religions, they would severely doubt their belief in this incredibly ridiculous belief in a singular ambrahamic god. It’s been said, with proof, that if the United States got rid of all its atheist, we would get rid of 98% of out top scientists but only 0.05% our prison population. Please, let us get rid of the Xtrians instead!

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