Woman gets $200 ticket for putting on Chapstick behind the wheel

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAS VEGAS — At first, Stephanie Fragoso thought it was an April Fools’ joke.

It was April 1, after all, when a trooper pulled Fragoso over for distracted driving, according to KLAS. Fragoso said the trooper cited her for putting on makeup while driving.

“I told him it was Chapstick,” Fragoso said, according to KLAS. She said she was applying it while stopped at a red light.

But according to KLAS, the Nevada Highway Patrol was on a campaign that day to crack down on distracted drivers, and on Wednesday, Fragoso was one of them.

“[The trooper] said, ‘It could have been anything; you could have been drinking water, shaving your legs,'” said Fragoso, according to KLAS.

She was issued a $200 ticket.

KLAS reported that, according to law enforcement officers, drivers under the county ordinance can be ticketed for any distraction that takes their focus away from the road and their hands off the wheel.

Nevada Highway Patrol trooper Loy Hixson told the station, “[The ordinance] states that when a person is operating a vehicle they must provide full attention to the driving so that it won’t render that action to be unsafe.”

Hixson said he’d seen many forms of distracted driving.

“One time, when I was driving down U.S. 95, I saw a lady watching a movie on her iPad and the iPad was attached to her steering wheel with Velcro,” he told KLAS.

Along with her $200 fine, Fragoso’s ticket will now go against her driving record, KLAS reports.

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  • Mike

    I wish there were more officers like this one. People forget that when there behind a wheel it takes a fraction of a second for it to become a killing machine and they lose control. Your phone, iPad,makeup or Chapstick can wait. Great job officer

    • Ernest

      Great job on upholding the law, but the vehicle was stationary, not moving. Putting on chapstick while not moving does not endanger. There still has to be some form of common sense. So many people have been seriously injured or killed in auto accidents where the driver was driving along “key word… Driving, meaning the vehicle was in motion” and doing other things than paying attention to the road in front of them. Once the vehicle is in a stationary position, there are limited things you can do. You don’t need to look at your lips to make sure you are putting chapstick on, you can see when the light change. Eatting is a different thing if you are consuming say a sandwich, something that you want to make sure you aren’t dropping any on you, that is a good exception when one is waiting at the light and can lose track of what you are doing. In the mist of making sure people are safe, clear thinking doesn’t get tossed out the window.

    • dgisby

      There is one answer to this. Don’t go to Las Vegas for any reason, and let it hurt their tourism. This will stop real fast. Putting on Chapstick at a red light is fine. Driving with a phone to your ear is not. BIG difference.

  • Brian Peterson

    so ridiculous. Clearly if the woman was applying this at a stop sign and not moving there is nothing she really needs to keep staring at ahead of her. It doesn’t meet the intent of the law. And for the cop to mention or compare in any way this to someone with an Ipad watching a moving on the steering wheel is insane. Wake up people. You can’t give the government unlimited power…

  • Tony

    I am sure that her car stopped at a red light was going to become a killing machine. So I guess that every cop that takes his hand off the wheel the talk on his radio should get a ticket. Even more so when there are in a high speed chase. But they are above the law and don’t have to abide by the same rules. As trigger happy as the cops are these days I guess she is just lucky she did not get shot. Maybe writing a $ 200 ticket for putting on chapstick while stopped at a red light gives a trooper a ego boost. Sounds more like bullying to me. I do wonder if he was talking on his radio while he was pulling her over.

  • jamie

    just shows that police departments r like every other business out there its all about making $$$MONEY!!!finding new ways to make $$ just like having yr own business its all about the $$MONEY$$!!!!police depts r $$MONEY making machines!!!tickets,drug raids, bail bonds,etc. its all about the $$MONEY$$!!!!

  • jamie

    police departments,clothing stores,food stores,gas stations,hotels,restaurants,yr phone carrier all businesses finding different ways to make more $$money!!!