Police caught on camera smashing hoop of neighborhood game

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CHICAGO -- Residents on one street in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood say a police officer, angry at them for playing basketball in the street, took matters into his own hands and smashed a new basketball hoop and destroyed it. The incident was caught on video.

The video was posted to social media. In it an on-duty officer is seen slamming the basketball rim into the ground over and over. He then uses his marked SUV to drag it down the street. The ball players recovered what's left of it

Diego Chavarria shot the video yesterday afternoon and says he feels the officer was abusing his power.

The banged-up rim now lies in Noe Silva's front yard. He says they've been shooting hoops in the street here for years. When a car comes, they move.

“He stopped, got out and broke the rim and took off with it," he says.

"He seemed kind of upset about something," Chavarria says.

"I know the house. We've had some complaints about it because there's some loitering, some basketball playing,” says Ald. Ricardo Munoz. “Sometimes they block traffic. What the officer did was just a little bit too far.”

The Chicago Police Dept says it is investigating.


  • Emily P.

    Seriously?! This is news?!?! That cop had probably had it with complaints!!! The alderman said they had issues with the house!! Glad the cop took the hoop down! So many teens these days have zero respect. I guarantee they don’t rush to move the hoop when a car drives by! Maybe reporters should not blatantly blame cops and maybe do some reporting that isn’t so biased!

  • Americana y Latina

    There is a way to handle this without the need to destroy the property, heard of citations, verbal warnings and so fourth. I agree that playing on the street obviously poses a danger to drivers and pedestrians however the way this was handled was extreme. Instead of setting an example of right and wrong they fixed this issue with 2 wrongs. Yes there are parks in this neighborhood however the gang and street violence are what deters many parents in this neighborhood from sending their children out there out of fear of never seeing then return. These are low to barely middle class families who don’t have the resoyrces as some other communities do when it comes to offering a safe haven or place for the kids to utilize their talents like sports, arts, music and do fourth. Many of these parents have the mentality of only allowing their children to play where they can visibly see them like in front of their home, it’s sad that a mere walk to the park can turn deadly. I grew up in this neighborhood and beat the odds and it wasn’t easy, I am a proud educated business professional who to this day can see the neighborhoods struggle with little progress. Not every kid in this neighborhood is a gang banger or illegal. There are hard working families who sacrifice what they can to help make their children beat the odds in a neighborhood of the forgotten. Was destroying a tool that nurtured a healthy outlet really the answer or did that action only hinder growth and trust in our justice system?!?

  • John Golat

    I hear more crying these days. Healthy outlet? That’s funny. Play at the park or field house or how about your back yard. I agree zero respect but what do expect when no one actually wants to discipline stupidity. The officer did the right thing especially after warning and issuing citations that go ignored. This time he tells them if it’s still in the street he will remove it. Low and behold still in the street officer removes it. That’s called follow through. This isn’t a coca cola commercial where ever one will live in harmony. Business owners have the right to refuse service to anyone. Police have the right to follow through with warnings that parents don’t want to do. To taste the fruits of justice it is sweeter to be earned than demanded

  • Mark N

    He should lose his job. If he does this in public to a basketball hoop, imagine what a poor example he makes when there are real criminals involved. He made a bad example out of the whole force doing this.

  • silent echos

    If you want to turn the street inton a basket ball court thats fine with me but do it leagally. Petition to have the street blocked off , No transgress , NO PARKING. In my suburb they would have confiscated the hoop and someone would paying fines. Just a cop doing his job.

  • Reed

    great! now these kids can buy guns and rob stores instead. Who’s complaining and why? What about dealing with people instead of showing them how to abuse power and them? There’s ways to make things right through love and kindness.

  • Wrong

    It’s destruction of private property, if I walked up to your car that has been illegally double parked for an hour blocking the street and towed it away and smashed in the windshield I would be arrested for numerous violations. Some im sure would be felonies. The officer had absolutely no right to destroy there property and it is a complete abuse of power. There are ways to police and that was not one of them.

  • Lisa

    You would think a CITY WORKER not a cop would come in and handle the problem,that cop had no right taking his anger out on a basketball hoop and I rather see young men playing basketball in the streets then standing there selling drugs and shooting at each other….that cop needs to go because he has some serious anger issue and no one is safe on the streets with someone like him patrolling them!!!

  • dan

    We have the same problem in our neighborhood. It’s a nuisance, and they do NOT move out of the way, they shoot over cars, hit parked cars and others’ houses, force drivers to honk before smugly flicking them off, and these are 12 year olds. Their parents don’t care and it’s sad, because one of these days someone will get hit and they’ll wonder why. And the noise from this is worse than living by active train tracks. If this cop gets fired, I hope he moves to our town and gets on the Police Dept here. I’d vouch for him!!

  • Stephen Ames Sr.

    Go after the politicians that gave this idiot cop a gun and a badge. You can protest the cops all you want but it is the politicians that give the cops their power.

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