Judge refuses to stop Wrigley Field video board

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHICAGO (AP) — The Chicago Cubs don't have to stop work on a Wrigley Field video board that will block game views of adjacent rooftop clubs in the urban neighborhood.

A federal judge on Thursday refused a request from two rooftop businesses for a preliminary injunction.

That means the right-field sign could be operational soon. The first home game is April 5. The Cubs are spending $375 million on renovating the century-old ballpark and $200 million for a hotel and other developments.

Skybox on Sheffield and Lakeview Baseball Club wanted the injunction until a wide-ranging lawsuit is resolved. They say the sign will kill their businesses.

The rooftop owners say a 2004 revenue-sharing agreement with the Cubs prevents the team from obstructing views.


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  • Liz

    Rooftop owners: I’m sorry to have to be just another person to tell you this, but you are the only people concerned about your loss of view. I empathize, and understand that for many years you have operated a business that benefited from your proximity to Wrigley. But the real business is baseball and the field itself. There’s a reason fans and neighborhood residents are protesting and petitioning in support of the rooftops. Stop delaying the inevitable and move on.

  • biggjim76

    Gag me! That jumbo tron looks hideous. Why on earth would they even put a jumbo tron on this ballpark? What are they thinking. And that judge. What is his problem? Wow! I guess the 2004 agreement went out the window. These people and the judge are being idiotic. They want money and they want it now! And it shows. They are going through leaps and bounds with this awful unnecessary renovation. I wonder what is going to happen with their business? Who knows?

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