Indiana family says their pizzeria won’t cater gay weddings

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WALKERTON, Ind. (AP) — An Indiana woman whose family owns a small-town pizzeria says the state's new religious objections law supports the restaurant's right to deny service to any same-sex couples who might ask them to cater their wedding.

Crystal O'Connor of Memories Pizza says her family would serve a gay couple or a non-Christian couple at its restaurant in Walkerton, which is about 20 miles southwest of South Bend in northern Indiana.

But O'Connor tells WBND-TV that the restaurant would say no if a gay couple asked it to provide pizzas for their wedding.

O'Connor says the business reflects her family's Christian beliefs. She says her family agrees with Indiana's new law that prohibits any laws that "substantially burden" a person's ability to follow his or her religious beliefs.



  • Mark Devenney

    These people are pure evil. Discrimination is discrimination. They claim to be Christians, but they are not. They are Pharisees. Self-righteous disciples of the devil. Jesus came for sinners, he associated with, ate with, and comforted, prostitutes, thieves, tax-collectors, etc. He didn’t judge them, he only judged the self righteous pharisees. People should boycott everything from Indiana until Indiana squashes this type of discrimination. As well as all the other not-Christian states that do the same thing.

    • silent screamer

      Hey Mark, have you seen the interview ? Can you identify the author? Some traveling low life reporter edited his 1 minute question with a pizzeria to fit this the headlines. This story is as factual as the missing cell phone from the Alps crash. Hopefully there is a security camera at the pizzeria that will help the family sue the hell out of a number of pubications. If I’m on the jury this family will have more money than Papa JOHN.

      • Diane.

        Fianlly a post from someone who know what there talking about. Thank you screamer. Mark you sound like a loon

  • Kate

    It is interesting that WGN shortened this story. As originally published, it linked to, which shows that more than 5,000 good people gave money to support the restaurant owners in their claim to religious freedom. Is there some sort of food / pizza crisis in Indiana, such that this business should be forced to provide pizzas for an activity in knows to be sinful?

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