Daily Dose of Derrick: Conditioning is the biggest step left for Rose

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Bulls guard Derrick Rose rests after going through another full practice at the Advocate Center on April 2nd.

CHICAGO – At the end of practice all that the assembled media knew about Derrick Rose is that he made a call.

During the end of the practice, which is open reporters, photographers and videographers, the Bulls guard was making a call after his workouts for the day were done.

But rest assured the full contact work is continuing for Rose as he continues to work closer to a return to the court after missing 19 games with a right knee meniscus tear which required a procedure to fix. That includes Friday night’s game with the Pistons at the United Center which the Bulls have already ruled out their star.

Rose still didn’t have a date set for a return when he talked on Wednesday, only to say that his focus remains on rehabbing the knee.

“Just building strength. Just trying to take care of my body, hydrate,” said Rose to reporters at the Bradley Center after Bulls shootaround on Wednesday. “My strength has to be there.”

So does his conditioning according to Tom Thibodeau. He watched Rose once against participate in full scrimmages at the Advocate Center on Thursday morning with continued “Steady Progress” as has been the case all week.

Of course the goal is to simulate game conditions which, frankly, is difficult to do.

“It’s different. It’s body-on-body, the physicality of it. He’s got to get used to that, getting around screens, things of that nature,” said Thibodeau of getting Rose ready for game conditions. “The more he does it the better he’ll get.”

One advantage Rose has is that he’s played in 49 games this season. That wasn’t the case during his two previous injuries when he had just ten regular season games to get himself going.

“You can do the extra conditioning but until you can get into a game obviously the scrimmaging part’s important, that’s about as close as you can get to what’s required in a game but there’s nothing that’s going to be the same as a game,” said Thibodeau. “He just has to continue to do all the things that he’s been doing and he’s got to get out there.”

He along with Derrick can’t wait for that call to be made.

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  • Fedup

    Derrick Rose is a spindlely legged wash-up. The Bulls and Derrick have been BSin the fans form two years that he is coming back. Every day on the news they show him shooting baskets to keep the ruse going. Totally phony to keep the ticket sales up.

  • Tom

    He is totally done for…at this point he is just sitting back and making millions while the team pretends that he will play again. Seriously, time to cut the dead weight loose.

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