Escaped murderer remains at large

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KANKAKEE, Ill. -- Throughout the day Wednesday, heavily-armed police from an array of agencies have been searching homes and businesses for an inmate who escaped from a detention center.

23-year-old Kamron Taylor fled from Jerome Combs Detention Center at about 3 a.m. Wednesday. Police tactical and K9 units, along with the U.S Marshals service continue to search various sites based on tips they're gathering.

Taylor is still at large, considered armed and dangerous.

He reportedly slipped out from his cell, overpowered a correctional officer, and took the officer's keys and uniform.

"It looks like he, as he was walking in the unit, he was attacked from the side, and an attempt probably was made, it looks like, to choke him, and then he was beaten, and we believe knocked unconscious," said Sheriff Timothy Bukowski of Kankakee County.

Taylor is said to have used the officer's key fob to locate the officer's car in the jail parking lot. Investigators found the brown 2012 Chevrolet Equinox hours later in a quiet, residential neighborhood. It was about 10 miles from the jail.

It's not the first time Taylor has tried to escape. He attempted to flee the courtroom in February, minutes after learning he'd been found guilty of murder. He has other convictions including armed robbery in Illinois and Tennessee and unlawful use of a weapon and resisting arrest.

Taylor was awaiting sentencing for killing a man during a failed robbery in June 2013. He faces a sentence of 45 years to life.

WGN News reached Taylor's family members at his former home but they declined to comment.

The injured prison guard is in intensive care at nearby St Mary's Hospital.

A former guard tells WGN News that this is was likely the result of a known flaw in the security camera system at the combs lockup. Guards say that flaw, along with state cuts, leaves them less equipped to keep the prison secure.

For a time, investigators believed missing 15-year-old Savannah Bell was with Taylor. But she's been found, questioned and turned over to DCFS. Their cases have been deemed unrelated.

The Jerome Combs Detention Center is located at 3050 South Justice Way in Kankakee

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    Convicted Murderer! Why is he still alive to begin with? Did he escape from old sparky, firing squad, or lethal injection table? Any of those 3 places is where he should of been taken to immediately after he was convicted.

    • Hector

      Shut your dumb a$$ up do you find it weird that he escaped and took the officers vehicle to a specific location this was a planned event from the inside out. Commonsense use your brain.